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    去掉最后六个字符.我不是HR啊,只是目前 Team 缺少一个工程师来一起做事,来么?

  • 大家想来这里看看的,不妨给我发邮件 [email]laofo521@gmail.com[/email] 没事来这里聊聊我们也欢迎。

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  • 首先jenkins != 持续集成

    其次,明显上面三个团队都有可改进空间。 既然1)自己开发的工具,后期维护是个问题,也许适合目前这个项目,但是一旦人员变化,新项目立项,自研的工具肯定需要改,到时候,原工具的开发者是否有时间修改工具,工具是否适合新项目都会是个问题。 2)3)明显是需要规范化的。

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    红砖换成了空心砖 PMP->Scrum Master

  • What is Mail2Bug? Overview

    Mail2Bug is a service that allows you to create a bug from an e-mail thread simply by adding a specific recipient to the mail thread. It also keeps the bug up-to-date with information from the mail thread by adding any subsequent replies on the thread as comments to the bug.

    Why Mail2Bug?

    Simply put, the idea is to reduce friction and effort. Ever been on an e-mail thread where some issue was discussed, when at some point someone asked you to “Please open a bug for this issue”? Mail2Bug tries to reduce the effort associated with that scenario by allowing you to easily create a bug with all the information from the thread with the simple action of adding the relevant alias to the thread. It also keeps the TFS item up to date with any new information from the thread, making sure that information is not lost and is easy to find by looking at the bug

    Another common scenario is for support organizations - for automatically creating a ticket for incoming emails, and keeping further communiations on the email thread updated in the ticket.

    Key Features Creates work items from email threads Supports MS Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Online (VSO) Updates the work item with further emails on the original thread, keeping it up to date without requiring manual copying of that information to the item Adds attachments from the email to the work item (as file attachments) Default values for work item fields set by the tool administrator Work item fields can be overridden with a specific value by including special text in the message body By specifying an explicit override (i.e. FieldName:FieldValue) By using "mnemonics", defined in the config, for commonly overridden fields (e.g. the area path) Based on the current date (useful for iteration paths) Supports Exchange e-mail accounts, including Office365 Requires EWS to be enabled Requires Exchange2010 or newer Supports Unicode text Usage Once Mail2Bug is deployed and configured, just add the appropriate email address to the 'To' or 'Cc' line of an email to have a work item created for the thread.

    You can specify an explicit override in the form of ###FieldName:Value simply by putting that text in the body of the email. This will set the specified field to the specified value. You can specify a mnemonic in the form of @@@mnemonic simply by putting that text in the body of the email. This will set all the relevant fields defined for the mnemonic. Mnemonics are defined in the configuration by the tool administrator. You can "link" a thread to an existing item by putting a string of the form work item #1234 in the subject or alternatively put a string of the form !!!work item #1234 in the email body The actual format for specifying overrides, mnemonics, and append-only threads is configurable - the format specified above is the standard default configuration How to build Mail2Bug Requires Visual Studio 2012 Clone the repository locally Open the solution file (Mail2Bug.sln) in Visual Studio Make sure that NuGet is allowed to download packages automatically This setting is under Tools->Options->PackageManager->General->Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build This is needed because the packages are not checked in as part of the project, so they will be synced from the web during the first build Build the solution All the required binaries can will be in the output folders For Mail2Bug itself, all binaries are under \Mail2Bug\Bin(Debug|Release)... For the DpapiTool, binaries are under \Tools\DpapiTool\Bin(Debug|Release)... See basic setup and configuration instructions in the wiki - Basic Setup

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  • 这么简单,不用插件,写条命令完成可以么?

  • 你是HR 还是 SCM?

  • 一般。找工作不难。好工作需要时间。

  • 中汇好贷宝网络科技有限公司3是一个基于互联网的P2P信用借贷撮合平台,为有资金需求的借款人和有理财需求的投资人搭建了一个高效、安全、透明、便捷的网络互动平台。 好贷宝成立于2013年,经营主体位于北京,注册资金5000万元人民币,经营团队由来自国内领先的P2P平台及互联网企业的精英人士组成。 好贷宝秉承“普惠金融、服务大众”的理念,通过搭建平台,为有资金需求的借款人提供融资渠道,为有理财需求的投资者提供安全、优质的投资项目,从而实现借款人和投资人之间的远程资金融通。好贷宝通过审核借款人资质和借款用途,批核不同期限、利率、还款方式的借款标,投资者根据个人实际理财需求,自主选择投资,通过出借自己的闲置资金,享受高于银行存款利息的优质项目。根据不同借款标的,投资者可实现从9%-18%不等的年化收益率。 好贷宝严格履行国家对新金融行业的法规及条款,所有借款标的均一一对应借款方,借款合同可在每款标的的介绍页下载,明确资金去向、借款人信息、借款用途等,能够让投资者对每一笔借款进行有效判断。

  • 还不错

  • 工作地点是南京 or 上海 ?

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  • 强烈要求北京也设点。。。。

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  • 六百字读懂 Git at 2015年1月28日


    Git in six hundred words (This essay is a companion piece to Gitlet, my implementation of Git in JavaScript.)

    Imagine you have a directory called alpha. It contains a file called number.txt that contains the text first.

    You run git init to set up alpha as a Git repository.

    You run git add number.txt to add number.txt to the index. The index is a list of all the files that Git is keeping track of. It maps filenames to the content of the files. It now has the mapping number.txt -> first. Running the add command has also added a blob object containing first to the Git object database.

    You run git commit -m first. This does three things. First, it creates a tree object in the objects database. This object represents the list of items in the top level of the alpha directory. This object has a pointer to the first blob object that was created when you ran git add. Second, it creates a commit object that represents the version of the repository that you have just committed. This includes a pointer to the tree object. Third, it points the master branch at the new commit object.

    You run git clone . ../beta. This creates a new directory called beta. It initializes it as a Git repository. It copies the objects in the alpha objects database to the beta objects database. It points the master branch on beta at the commit object that the master branch points at on the alpha repository. It sets the index on beta to mirror the content of the first commit. It updates your files – number.txt – to mirror the index.

    You move to the beta repository. You change the content of number.txt to second. You run git add number.txt and git commit -m second. The commit object that is created has a pointer to its parent, the first commit. The commit command points the master branch at the second commit.

    You move back to the alpha repository. You run git remote add beta ../beta. This sets the beta repository as a remote repository.

    You run git pull beta master.

    Under the covers, this runs git fetch beta master. This finds the objects for the second commit and copies them from the beta repository to the alpha repository. It points alpha’s record of beta’s master at the second commit object. It updates FETCH_HEAD to show that the master branch was fetched from the beta repository.

    Under the covers, the pull command runs git merge FETCH_HEAD. This reads FETCH_HEAD, which shows that the master branch on the beta repository was the most recently fetched branch. It gets the commit object that alpha’s record of beta’s master is pointing at. This is the second commit. The master branch on alpha is pointing at the first commit, which is the ancestor of the second commit. This means that, to complete the merge, the merge command can just point the master branch at the second commit. The merge command updates the index to mirror the contents of the second commit. It updates the working copy to mirror the index.

    You run git branch red. This creates a branch called red that points at the second commit object.

    You run git checkout red. Before the checkout, HEAD pointed at the master branch. It now points at the red branch. This makes the red branch the current branch.

    You set the content of number.txt to third, run git add numbers.txt and run git commit -m third.

    You run git push beta red. This finds the objects for the third commit and copies them from the alpha repository to the beta repository. It points the red branch on the beta repository at the third commit object, and that’s it.

  • 那你权限到底给了没有?