Mercurial Basic commands summary: · 2010年09月03日 · 5 次阅读

Slide 18[size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg clone make a copy of an existing repository [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg update update working directory (or switch revisions) [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg add add the specified files on the next commit [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg commit commit the specified files or all outstanding changes [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg pull pull changes from the specified source [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg tip display the changeset we just created [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg diff diff repository (or selected files) [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg export dump the header and diffs for one or more changesets [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg forget forget the specified files on the next commit [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg init create a new repository in the given directory [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg log show revision history of entire repository or files [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg merge merge working directory with another revision [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg push push changes to the specified destination [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg remove remove the specified files on the next commit [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg serve start stand-alone webserver [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg status show changed files in the working directory [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg summary summarize working directory state [/font] [size=78%]• [font=Arial][size=14pt]$ hg annotate show changeset information by line for each file [/font]

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