Accurev AccuRev 4.8 · 2010年11月15日 · 10 次阅读

AccuRev Inc. today announced the release of AccuRev 4.8, the latest release of the award winning software configuration management tool from AccuRev. The release of AccuRev 4.8 provides new Agile and componentized development functionality enhancements, allowing increased agility, reliability, and quality within the software development process.

Highlights of the AccuRev 4.8 release include:

* Enhanced support for Change Packages and issue/story based development, including better dependency analysis, visualization and streamlined usage of change packages for parallel development environments * Simplified licensing for replica servers, providing easier administration for remote and geographically distributed teams * Improved Update functionality, allowing for increased scalability and better handling in large, highly-componentized enterprise environments

AccuRev Software Configuration Management is designed to accelerate the software development process and optimize team collaboration for both Agile and non-Agile organizations with complex parallel and geographically distributed development environments. “Our customers tell us that change packages are an important part of their Agile environments.” said Damon Poole, CTO of AccuRev. “With the release of AccuRev 4.8, we continue to improve our award-winning solution designed for Agile, traditional, and hybrid mixed environments.”

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