DevTrack Defect Tracking - Overview · 2008年07月09日 · 20 次阅读

TechExcel DevTrack is the leading project issue or defect tracking tool that is used by development teams of all sizes around the globe. Its configurable workflows allow DevTrack to meet the needs of any organization's development processes, large or small. Complete customization features combined with a simple point and click administration tool makes DevTrack the most intuitive and easily configurable defect tracking software solution on the market.

DevTrack comprehensively tracks and manages any type of issue, from a new feature to IT activities to product defects. A highly intelligent transition-based workflow system allows development teams to remain agile, yet react quickly to process changes. Over 1400 companies in 40 countries rely on DevTrack to deliver on time and on budget projects while enforcing development guidelines. DevTrack Features

* Client/Server and web-based architecture: users stay connected with DevTrack at any time and at any location with a full-featured web browser client and a Windows client. * Easy customization: Easily customize DevTrack forms and fields using point-and-click operations from a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) to fit unique business requirements. * Powerful workflow control: Design sophisticated workflow rules to control important business processes including issue states and status transition. * Role-based privilege control: Define different account types for different roles to ensure that viewing information and performing operations is based on roles. * Role- and state-based access control: Administrators and project managers can control individual user access to pages and fields based on their role or issue status. * Flexible team organization: Better collaboration and issue management with team grouping at the user level. * Auto-routing and escalations: Automatically route issues to appropriate users when an issue is created or forwarded. Issues that are open too long, past due, or stagnant, can also be automatically escalated to notify appropriate engineers or issue owners. * Email notification: Send email notifications through an extensive list of triggers and recipient choices. * Event and task support: Create and assign sub-issues to different team members to help track and resolve parent issues. Status changes on a parent issue can automatically trigger the creation of pre-defined sub-issues. * Web portal for Beta customers: A secure, personalized web portal where Beta customers can submit, track and update issues. They can also create and assign sub-issues and direct comments to specific teams. * Robust search tool: Simultaneously query any combination of fields easily. * Presentation-quality reports: More than 150 built-in presentation-quality reports that can be customized come standard with DevTrack.. Dynamically create custom reports and define web query reports to send to other people. * Integration with version control: DevTrack supports integration with all of the popular version control tools on the market including Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), Perforce (P4), ClearCase, PVCS, and Concurrent Version System (CVS), Subversion (SVN) and many more.


* Fast deployment with easy installation and automated upgrades * Intuitive user interfaces reduces training time and gets users up to speed faster * System customization to suit individual demands: easily configured workflow rules that can be changed to control the business processes based on your organization's mission. * Resolve issues efficiently with greater teamwork and collaboration between different users, teams, and even customers * Resolve important issues and ensure no bug ever falls through the cracks with auto-routing and escalations * Universal access to DevTrack Web from any location using almost any browser * Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): with the combined power, flexibility, ease-of-use, and competitive pricing, DevTrack gives you the best value


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