Accurev 5 Soffttware Conffiigurattiion Managementt Best Practices of AccuRev · 2012年03月31日 · 16 次阅读

Best Practice #1:Use Change Packages to Integrate with Issue Tracking Best Practice #2:Merge and Integrate Early and Often Best Practice #3:Build and Release Frequently with Continuous Integration Best Practice #4:Create a Structure for Distributed Development Best Practice #5:Use a Promotional-Based Branching Pattern

Conclusion SCM best practices are an important piece of any software development process. Modern development teams deliver code frequently, and have a need to manage a software development process right in the SCM repository. Using SCM best practices based on the team’s development needs is a necessity when enabling teams to deliver rapidly with high quality. These best practices can be used to scale an enterprise SCM rollout, and keep development teams focusing on what’s important, not the SCM system. At AccuRev, our core expertise is process improvement. We’ve got the expertise, coaches, trainers, consultants, and of course, the tools to help you successfully optimize a development process and best practices throughout the enterprise. In addition to product support, we offer a host of services designed to optimize your process and implement process improvements like multi-stage continuous integration.

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