Perforce Perperforce: 如何在 Windows 和 Linux 上保持相同的文件格式?

laofo · 2012年07月19日 · 0 次阅读

Is it possible maintain same file format on Linux and in windows in perforce?

Example: I checked-in the shell-script file from Linux and now I want to check-out from windows to modify and submit from windows.So checked out the file then I noticed that carrige reurn (/r) symbols in the script file .Is it possible to avoid the /r and check-out only what ever the file I checked in from Unix? What option do I need enable as perforce admin? Advance thanks to everyone for your suggestions and time...


Jim Keir • Take a look at the workspace settings detailed on . You probably want to use "share" or "unix".

Workspace 的 Line-End 设置, 选取希望被转换的 OS 类型; 或者 local 为本地 OS 环境

跟楼主的问题没什么关系,但是 Perforce 还有个很方便的功能,就是同一个 workspace 的设置还可以跨平台共享。Workspace 的 Host 设置~

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