Perforce Perforce Visual Studio Plug-in GA Released

laofo · 2012年08月15日 · 7 次阅读

The Perforce Plug-in for Visual Studio (P4VS) had its first GA release and is now available for download from the Perforce website and the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery.

P4VS, the Perforce Plug-in for Visual Studio, embeds the power of Perforce's software version management features into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. P4VS is a fully-compliant Visual Studio solution for one-stop access to all of the version management capabilities your work requires. Native Support for Perforce Version Management

With P4VS, Perforce's rich collection of version management functions is now directly built into the Visual Studio environment. Check out, check in, merge work in collaboration with other team members, view file history, and more—all just a mouse click away.

Perforce Visual Studio Plug-in screen capture

Advanced Graphical Reporting Tools at Your Fingertips

Who else is working on a sensitive file? When was a bug first introduced? No need to waste your time switching contexts to discover this information. When you need more detailed information, P4VS provides immediate access to these feature-rich graphical reporting tools:

Time-lapse View, a language-aware tool that displays the entire content history and evolution of Perforce-managed files. Revision Graph, a tree-style representation of the branch history of a specified file, including all branch points, edits, and merges.

Perforce Streams Workflow

Visual Studio Plug-in tutorial Perforce Streams, a workflow innovation that delivers flexible process and a best practice branch-and-merge strategy. You can create, edit, and use streams workspaces from within Visual Studio. Both merge and copy operations work inside the streams framework for a powerful yet simple workflow. Built-in Distributed Workflow

Create or connect to new Perforce Sandbox instances and enjoy local, private branching and task or feature branching, with "always on," connection-independent versioning. Slow or non-existent connections to Perforce's shared versioning service won't prevent you from getting work done, no matter where you are.

Member of Microsoft VSIP Partner Program

Built on P4API.NET for speed and stability, P4VS is available on 32-bit and is compatible with 64-bit Windows platforms. P4VS works with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, and Perforce Server versions 2008.1 or newer. Perforce is a certified member of the VSIP program and P4VS is a fully compliant Visual Studio Integration Package, designed for full compatibility and ease of use.

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