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AccuRev is architected for today's complex software development challenges. Its innovative stream-based architecture helps teams to automate and enforce the development process. With AccuRev, development teams can implement their optimal process model from within the graphical interface with little or no scripting required. Since all software development processes involve the flow of code through various stages, AccuRev is a natural way to enforce and manage all code flow. The dynamic and graphical nature of the AccuRev StreamBrower enables instant visibility into the development process, and the stream hierarchy allows teams to model and implement multiple processes simultaneously (e.g., Agile, Scrum, XP, Waterfall, RUP, etc.).

PRODUCT FEATURES Integrated Change Management: AccuWork™ tightly integrates change management with AccuRev®, simplifying the process of change request or task-based management for geographically distributed, Agile and parallel software development. AccuWork and its native change package functionality provide the optimal integration point into the full-featured AccuRev software configuration management tool. Additionally, available out-of-the-box integrations between AccuRev and industry-leading change management packages through the AccuBridge SDK provide optimal flexibility.

Advanced Merge Tracking: Parallel development requires engineering teams to track file changes across multiple releases. Failure to do this properly can result in lost productivity due to broken builds and test failures, and in the worst case, regressions that ship to customers. Legacy SCM systems do little to assist engineering teams in tracking and merging file changes across code lines, and thus require teams to employ expensive manual or script-based processes to identify, track and when required, merge code from branch to branch.

Change Packages: Software development often proceeds at a furious pace. Developers are changing files in the SCM repository to fix defects and implement features, often working on multiple issues simultaneously. Release managers, architects and QA teams are faced with the task of determining which features and issues are present in a given release. Without the proper tools to understand which file changes are associated with which defects or issues, releases can suffer from missing features or defect regressions that ship to customers.

Stream Browser: The dynamic and graphical nature of the AccuRev StreamBrower enables instant visibility into the development process, and the stream hierarchy allows teams to model and implement multiple processes simultaneously (e.g., Agile, Scrum, XP, Waterfall, RUP, etc.). This enables collaboration and code sharing between teams, even when geographically distributed and/or utilizing differing development methodologies.

Version Control: AccuRev SCM includes an advanced version control solution that delivers both core version control functionality plus sophisticated graphical configuration and codeline management. The AccuRev stream architecture enables developers to safely version in-progress code and store it in private workspaces using the keep operation, or share it with other team members using the promote operation. Our two-step check-in model enables parallel development of features by letting development teams build features or entire codelines independently.

BENEFITS TO THE USER AccuRev’s stream-based architecture has been designed to ensure optimal team collaboration, improve software asset reuse, and accelerate the software development process by 30 percent.

AccuRev enables and integrates any development process model (Agile, Waterfall, RUP, etc.) together with your software assets. Through this unique design, organizations are able to dynamically manage and adapt their application development processes to their changing business needs in a fraction of the time required with traditional tools. With AccuRev, developers can focus on solving business problems.

AccuRev software greatly simplifies common tasks such as code reviews, nightly builds, refactoring, merging changes from release to release, and fast comparison and differencing.

AccuRev's flexible and efficient approach to managing the software release process together with code assets is relied on by organizations challenged with doing Agile and parallel development, transitioning to Agile development practices, or managing geographically distributed and offshore teams.

AccuRev, the fastest growing SCCM company, is used by over 500 global enterprises including Polycom, Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Orbitz, Thomson Financial, Verizon Wireless and Lockheed Martin.

COMPANY INFORMATION AccuRev is a US-based software vendor focused on optimizing and automating the software development process for organizations challenged with today’s highly evolving geographically distributed, parallel and Agile software development environments. More than 500 organizations around the world rely on AccuRev software to develop, release and maintain their mission critical applications.

AccuRev accelerates the software development process by 30 percent with an innovative and powerful model for managing releases, defects, requirements, and resource allocation. AccuRev eliminates the need for time consuming, expensive, and error-prone manual processes within an organization.

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