Continuum Continuum 1.3.5 (Beta) January 19, 2010 · 2010年03月08日 · 26 次阅读

Apache Continuum 1.3.5 Release Notes

The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.3.5.

To learn more about how the Continuum dev team versions releases, see our release guidelines. Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.3.5 Bug

* [CONTINUUM-2207] - Missing value for key 'scmResult' if build group project * [CONTINUUM-2318] - NPE when adding Ant/Shell Projects * [CONTINUUM-2322] - Unable to release project using distributed build if is not configured in the project's pom * [CONTINUUM-2348] - Wrong subject in Mail Notification when distributed build is enabled * [CONTINUUM-2350] - Part of an added project's scm url is cut off * [CONTINUUM-2355] - {} in prepare build notification subject * [CONTINUUM-2356] - Build order is not correct when distributed build is enabled * [CONTINUUM-2357] - Release perform error when removing M2_HOME from path * [CONTINUUM-2367] - The current build result is displayed when viewing build results with distributed builds enabled. * [CONTINUUM-2377] - Build agents are not stored in continuum.xml * [CONTINUUM-2379] - document that tags are not rolled back in a release rollback * [CONTINUUM-2387] - Members tab does not show the members correctly * [CONTINUUM-2388] - Editing a build definition should use POST instead of GET * [CONTINUUM-2394] - Current build result link is wrong with distributed build enabled * [CONTINUUM-2411] - IndexOutOfBoundsException in DefaultContinuum.executeAddProjectsFromMetadataActivity * [CONTINUUM-2419] - Unable to build multiple independent projects in the same project group when distributed build is enabled


* [CONTINUUM-1031] - Delete project performance is bad * [CONTINUUM-2353] - Make it clearer in the documentation how Local Repositories need to be configured in Distributed Builds * [CONTINUUM-2365] - Provide a default configuration file for the distributed build agent * [CONTINUUM-2380] - Clarify Description of Build Agent Attributes


* [CONTINUUM-2363] - Missing documentation for 'Arguments' field on release perform * [CONTINUUM-2374] - Configure code coverage for 1.3.x branch and trunk * [CONTINUUM-2414] - need to document changes to wrapper.conf on upgrade

Have Fun !

-- The Apache Continuum Team

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