Cruisecontrol CruiseControl Release Notes - 2.8.3

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CruiseControl Release Notes - 2.8.3


  • Update to checkstyle v4.4
  • Disambiguated license information for some files that contained HP and Sony copyrights. (CC-889) Patch by Simon Steiner
  • Replace Threads where Thread.start() was not called with Runnable to avoid leaks. (CC-895) Patch by Fabio Zadrozny

build loop


  • Use different loggers for different files.


  • New Darcs bootstrapper (CC-905). Patch by Florian Gilcher. Patch by Phil.


  • Remove extra "--match" command argument. Patch by Phil.


  • Make DateUtil thread safe (CC-906). Patch by Sebastian Koppehel


  • Fix error publishing CMSynergy build (CC-876). Reported by Gerard Roos. Tested by David Corley.
  • Allow specification of build and state attributes for baselines created with Synergy 6.4+ (CC-860). Patch by David Corley
  • Log now captures CR Synopsis text when is used (CC-903). Patch by David Corley
  • Add attribute in cmsynergysessionmonitor node (remoteclient) for remote-client connection in cm synergy (CC-910). Patch by Keith Mendoza
  • Document fix for ccm_ui.log error commonly seen when running Cruisecontrol as a scheduled task (CC-960). Patch by David Corley


  • A plugin that publishes the built jar into a folder and updates a jnlp file. Needs unit tests, documentation in configxml.html, and a new entry in (CC-917). Patch by Nuno da Costa Ferro.


  • Add new attribute to Log element: trimWhitespace - if true, trim whitespace from start and end of log lines. Primarily intended only to force historic "trim" behavior. Defaults to false. (CC-912) Patch by Sebastian Koppehel.

Origo Publisher

  • Update to use new issue handling API. Patch by Patrick Ruckstuhl.

Rake Builder

  • Make the Ruby executable and the Rake executable configurable (CC-904). Patch by Florian Gilcher.

Removed deprecated classes

  • removed CruiseControl (old launch wrapper)
  • removed net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.SelfConfiguringPlugin
  • removed net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.bootstrappers.CurrentBuildStatusBootstrapper
  • removed net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.bootstrappers.CurrentBuildStatusFTPBootstrapper
  • removed net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.publishers.CurrentBuildStatusPublisher
  • removed net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.publishers.CurrentBuildStatusFTPPublisher

Removed deprecated methods

  • Main, P4Bootstrapper, Log, ModificationSet


  • SVN externals not parsed correctly where multiple spaces exist as separator (CC-949). Patch by Andy Jacobs.


  • Add a new plugin for publishing build results to Twitter.


  • not creating the right command line for describing all activities (CC-886). Reported by Adrien Gracia


  • Dashboard build detail page is creating many JMX server threads (CC-831). Reported by Matthias Grunwalde. Diagnosed by Xinglang Wang. Tested by Joe Schmetzer. Unit Tests patched by Stephen Smith.

  • Rename AntOutputWidget to BuildOutputWidget and fix to display build output (CC-899). Patch by Joe Schemtzer.

  • Remove deprecation warnings about widget api because no replacement api is available and patches are arriving for the existing api. Also restored links to widgets.html.

  • Dashboard doesn't correctly display modifications with multiple files (CC-921). Patch by Joe Schmetzer.

  • Newline cleanup of output in both ErrorsAndWarningsMessagesWidget and MergedCheckStyleWidget (CC-810). Patch by Robert Thornburrow.

reporting jsp app

  • navigation.jsp missing
  • tags around some elements under
      tag (CC-950). Reported by Chris Sewart



  • PropertyFileLabelIncrementer: document preBuildIncrementer attribute (CC-900). Patch by David Corley
  • Fix doc error attribute "localworkingdir" for build trigger when it should be "localworkingcopy" (CC-893). Reported by Joona Petrell
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