SCons SCons 1.2.0.d20100306 is available

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SCons checkpoint release 1.2.0.d20100306 is now available from the download page at SourceForge. This release contains a significant redesign of how SCons detects installed Visual Studio and Visual C/C++ versions. It is intended to be the last checkpoint prior to the 1.3.0 release. See the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes in the release.


SCons - a software construction tool

Change Log

RELEASE 1.2.0.d20100306 - Sat, 06 Mar 2010 16:18:33 -0800

From Luca Falavigna:

- Fix typos in the man page.

From Gottfried Ganssauge:

- Support execution when SCons is installed via easy_install.

From Steven Knight:

- Make the messages for Configure checks of compilers consistent.

- Issue an error message if a BUILDERS entry is not a Builder object or a callable wrapper.

From Rob Managan:

- Update tex builder to handle the case where a \input{foo} command tries to work with a directory named foo instead of the file foo.tex. The builder now ignores a directory and continues searching to find the correct file. Thanks to Lennart Sauerbeck for the test case and initial patch

Also allow the \include of files in subdirectories when variantDir is used with duplicate=0. Previously latex would crash since the directory in which the .aux file is written was not created. Thanks to Stefan Hepp for finding this and part of the solution.

From James Teh: - Patches to fix some issues using MS SDK V7.0

From William Deegan: - Lots of testing and minor patches to handle mixed MS VC and SDK installations, as well as having only the SDK installed.

RELEASE 1.2.0.d20100117 - Sun, 17 Jan 2010 14:26:59 -0800

From Jim Randall: - Fixed temp filename race condition on Windows with long cmd lines.

From David Cournapeau: - Fixed tryRun when sconf directory is in a variant dir. - Do not add -fPIC for ifort tool on non-posix platforms (darwin and windows). - Fix bug 2294 (spurious CheckCC failures). - Fix scons bootstrap process on windows 64 (wrong wininst name)

From William Deegan: - Final merge from vs_revamp branch to main

- Added definition and usage of HOST_OS, HOST_ARCH, TARGET_OS, TARGET_ARCH, currently only defined/used by Visual Studio Compilers. This will be rolled out to other platforms/tools in the future.

- Add check for python >= 3.0.0 and exit gracefully. For 1.3 python >= 1.5.2 and < 3.0.0 are supported

- Fix bug 1944 - Handle non-existent .i file in swig emitter, previously it would crash with an IOError exception. Now it will try to make an educated guess on the module name based on the filename.

From Lukas Erlinghagen:

- Have AddOption() remove variables from the list of seen-but-unknown variables (which are reported later).

- An option name and aliases can now be specified as a tuple.

From Hartmut Goebel:

- Textfile builder.

From Jared Grubb:

- use "is/is not" in comparisons with None instead of "==" or "!=".

From Jim Hunziker:

- Avoid adding -gphobos to a command line multiple times when initializing use of the DMD compiler.

From Jason Kenney:

- Sugguested HOST/TARGET OS/ARCH separation.

From Steven Knight:

- Fix the -n option when used with VariantDir(duplicate=1) and the variant directory doesn't already exist.

- Fix scanning of Unicode files for both UTF-16 endian flavors.

- Fix a TypeError on #include of file names with Unicode characters.

- Fix an exception if a null command-line argument is passed in.

- Evaluate Requires() prerequisites before a Node's direct children (sources and dependencies).

From Greg Noel:

- Remove redundant metaclass initializations in

- Correct the documentation of text returned by sconf.Result().

- Document that filenames with '.' as the first character are ignored by Glob() by default (matching UNIX glob semantics).

- Fix SWIG testing infrastructure to work on Mac OS X.

- Restructure a test that occasionally hung so that the test would detect when it was stuck and fail instead.

- Substfile builder.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- When reporting a target that SCons doesn't know how to make, specify whether it's a File, Dir, etc.

From Ben Webb:

- Fix use of $SWIGOUTDIR when generating Python wrappers.

- Add $SWIGDIRECTORSUFFIX and $SWIGVERSION construction variables.

From Rob Managan:

- Add -recorder flag to Latex commands and updated internals to use the output to find files TeX creates. This allows the MiKTeX installations to find the created files

- Notify user of Latex errors that would get buried in the Latex output

- Remove LATEXSUFFIXES from environments that don't initialize Tex.

- Add support for the glosaaries package for glossaries and acronyms

- Fix problem that pdftex, latex, and pdflatex tools by themselves did not create the actions for bibtex, makeindex,... by creating them and other environment settings in one routine called by all four tex tools.

- Fix problem with filenames of sideeffects when the user changes the name of the output file from the latex default

- Add scanning of files included in Latex by means of \lstinputlisting{} Patch from Stefan Hepp.

- Change command line for epstopdf to use --outfile= instead of -o since this works on all platforms. Patch from Stefan Hepp.

- Change scanner to properly search for included file from the directory of the main file instead of the file it is included from. Also update the emitter to add the .aux file associated with \include{filename} commands. This makes sure the required directories if any are created for variantdir cases. Half of the patch from Stefan Hepp.

RELEASE 1.2.0.d20090223 - Mon, 23 Feb 2009 08:41:06 -0800

From Stanislav Baranov:

- Make suffix-matching for scanners case-insensitive on Windows.

From David Cournapeau:

- Change the way SCons finds versions of Visual C/C++ and Visual Studio to find and use the Microsoft v*vars.bat files.

From Robert P. J. Day:

- User's Guide updates.

From Dan Eaton:

- Fix generation of Visual Studio 8 project files on x64 platforms.

From Allan Erskine:

- Set IncludeSearchPath and PreprocessorDefinitions in generated Visual Studio 8 project files, to help IntelliSense work.

From Mateusz Gruca:

- Fix deletion of broken symlinks by the --clean option.

From Steven Knight:

- Fix the error message when use of a non-existent drive on Windows is detected.

- Add sources for files whose targets don't exist in $CHANGED_SOURCES.

- Detect implicit dependencies on commands even when the command is quoted.

- Fix interaction of $CHANGED_SOURCES with the --config=force option.

- Fix finding #include files when the string contains escaped backslashes like "C:\some\include.h".

- Pass $CCFLAGS to Visual C/C++ precompiled header compilation.

- Remove unnecessary nested $( $) around $_LIBDIRFLAGS on link lines for the Microsoft linker, the OS/2 ilink linker and the Phar Lap linkloc linker.

- Spell the Windows environment variables consistently "SystemDrive" and "SystemRoot" instead of "SYSTEMDRIVE" and "SYSTEMROOT".

RELEASE 1.2.0.d20090113 - Tue, 13 Jan 2009 02:50:30 -0800

From Stanislav Baranov, Ted Johnson and Steven Knight:

- Add support for batch compilation of Visual Studio C/C++ source files, controlled by a new $MSVC_BATCH construction variable.

From Steven Knight:

- Print the message, "scons: Build interrupted." on error output, not standard output.

- Add a --warn=future-deprecated option for advance warnings about deprecated features that still have warnings hidden by default.

- Fix use of $SOURCE and $SOURCES attributes when there are no sources specified in the Builder call.


- Add general support for batch builds through new batch_key= and targets= keywords to Action object creation.

From Arve Knudsen:

- Make linker tools differentiate properly between SharedLibrary and LoadableModule.

- Document TestCommon.shobj_prefix variable.

- Support $SWIGOUTDIR values with spaces.

From Rob Managan:

- Don't automatically try to build .pdf graphics files for .eps files in \includegraphics{} calls in TeX/LaTeX files when building with the PDF builder (and thus using pdflatex).

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- Allow AppendENVPath() and PrependENVPath() to interpret '#' for paths relative to the top-level SConstruct directory.

- Use the Borland ilink -e option to specify the output file name.

- Document that the msvc Tool module uses $PCH, $PCHSTOP and $PDB.

- Allow WINDOWS_INSERT_DEF=0 to disable --output-def when linking under MinGW.

From Zia Sobhani:

- Fix typos in the User's Guide.

From Greg Spencer:

- Support implicit dependency scanning of files encoded in utf-8 and utf-16.

From Roberto de Vecchi:

- Remove $CCFLAGS from the the default definitions of $CXXFLAGS for Visual C/C++ and MIPSpro C++ on SGI so, they match other tools and avoid flag duplication on C++ command lines.

From Ben Webb:

- Handle quoted module names in SWIG source files.

- Emit *_wrap.h when SWIG generates header file for directors

From Matthew Wesley:

- Copy file attributes so we identify, and can link a shared library from, shared object files in a Repository.

RELEASE 1.2.0 - Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:47:29 -0800

From Steven Knight:

- Don't fail if can't import a _subprocess module on Windows.

- Add warnings for use of the deprecated Options object.

RELEASE 1.1.0.d20081207 - Sun, 07 Dec 2008 19:17:23 -0800

From Benoit Belley:

- Improve the robustness of GetBuildFailures() by refactoring SCons exception handling (especially BuildError exceptions).

- Have the --taskmastertrace= option print information about individual Task methods, not just the Taskmaster control flow.

- Eliminate some spurious dependency cycles by being more aggressive about pruning pending children from the Taskmaster walk.

- Suppress mistaken reports of a dependency cycle when a child left on the pending list is a single Node in EXECUTED state.

From David Cournapeau:

- Fix $FORTRANMODDIRPREFIX for the ifort (Intel Fortran) tool.

From Brad Fitzpatrick:

- Don't pre-generate an exception message (which will likely be ignored anyway) when an EntryProxy re-raises an AttributeError.

From Jared Grubb:

- Clean up coding style and white space in Node/

- Fix a typo in the documentation for $_CPPDEFFLAGS.

- Issue 2401: Fix usage of comparisons with None.

From Ludwig H 鋒 ne:

- Handle Java inner classes declared within a method.

From Steven Knight:

- Fix label placement by the " func" subcommand when a profile value was close to (or equal to) 0.0.

- Fix env.Append() and env.Prepend()'s ability to add a string to list-like variables like $CCFLAGS under Python 2.6.

- Other Python2.6 portability: don't use "as" (a Python 2.6 keyword). Don't use the deprecated Exception.message attribute.

- Support using the -f option to search for a different top-level file name when walking up with the -D, -U or -u options.

- Fix use of VariantDir when the -n option is used and doesn't, therefore, actually create the variant directory.

- Fix a stack trace from the --debug=includes option when passed a static or shared library as an argument.

- Speed up the internal find_file() function (used for searching CPPPATH, LIBPATH, etc.).

- Add support for using the Python "in" keyword on construction environments (for example, if "CPPPATH" in env: ...).

- Fix use of Glob() when a repository or source directory contains an in-memory Node without a corresponding on-disk file or directory.

- Add a warning about future reservation of $CHANGED_SOURCES, $CHANGED_TARGETS, $UNCHANGED_SOURCES and $UNCHANGED_TARGETS.

- Enable by default the existing warnings about setting the resource $SOURCE, $SOURCES, $TARGET and $TARGETS variable.

From Rob Managan:

- Scan for TeX files in the paths specified in the $TEXINPUTS construction variable and the $TEXINPUTS environment variable.

- Configure the PDF() and PostScript() Builders as single_source so they know each source file generates a separate target file.


- Add .tex as a valid extension for the PDF() builder.

- Add regular expressions to find \input, \include and \includegraphics.

- Support generating a .pdf file from a .eps source.

- Recursive scan included input TeX files.

- Handle requiring searched-for TeX input graphics files to have extensions (to avoid trying to build a .eps from itself, e.g.).

From Greg Noel:

- Make the Action() function handle positional parameters consistently.

- Clarify use of Configure.CheckType().

- Make the File.{Dir,Entry,File}() methods create their entries relative to the calling File's directory, not the SConscript directory.

- Use the Python os.devnull variable to discard error output when looking for the $CC or $CXX version.

- Mention LoadableModule() in the SharedLibrary() documentation.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- Update the User's Guide to clarify use of the site_scons/ directory and the module.

- Make env.AppendUnique() and env.PrependUnique remove duplicates within a passed-in list being added, too.

From Randall Spangler:

- Fix Glob() so an on-disk file or directory beginning with '#' doesn't throw an exception.

RELEASE 1.1.0 - Thu, 09 Oct 2008 08:33:47 -0700

From Chris AtLee

- Use the specified environment when checking for the GCC compiler version.

From Ian P. Cardenas:

- Fix Glob() polluting LIBPATH by returning copy of list

From David Cournapeau:

- Add CheckCC, CheckCXX, CheckSHCC and CheckSHCXX tests to configuration contexts.

- Have the --profile= argument use the much faster cProfile module (if it's available in the running Python version).

- Reorder MSVC compilation arguments so the /Fo is first.

From Bill Deegan:

- Add scanning Windows resource (.rc) files for implicit dependencies.

From John Gozde:

- When scanning for a #include file, don't use a directory that has the same name as the file.

From Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve

- Suppress error output when checking for the GCC compiler version.

From Jared Grubb:

- Fix VariantDir duplication of #included files in subdirectories.

From Ludwig H 鋒 ne:

- Reduce memory usage when a directory is used as a dependency of another Node (such as an Alias) by returning a concatenation of the children's signatures + names, not the children's contents, as the directory contents.

- Raise AttributeError, not KeyError, when a Builder can't be found.

- Invalidate cached Node information (such as the contenst returned by the get_contents() method) when calling actions with Execute().

- Avoid object reference cycles from frame objects.

- Reduce memory usage from Null Executor objects.

- Compute MD5 checksums of large files without reading the entire file contents into memory. Add a new --md5-chunksize option to control the size of each chunk read into memory.

From Steven Knight:

- Fix the ability of the add_src_builder() method to add a new source builder to any other builder.

- Avoid an infinite loop on non-Windows systems trying to find the SCons library directory if the Python library directory does not begin with the string "python".

- Search for the SCons library directory in "scons-local" (with no version number) after "scons-local-{VERSION}".

From Rob Managan:

- Fix the user's ability to interrupt the TeX build chain.

- Fix the TeX builder's allowing the user to specify the target name, instead of always using its default output name based on the source.

- Iterate building TeX output files until all warning are gone and the auxiliary files stop changing, or until we reach the (configurable) maximum number of retries.

- Add TeX scanner support for: glossaries, nomenclatures, lists of figures, lists of tables, hyperref and beamer.

- Use the $BIBINPUTS, $BSTINPUTS, $TEXINPUTS and $TEXPICTS construction variables as search paths for the relevant types of input file.

- Fix building TeX with VariantDir(duplicate=0) in effect.

- Fix the LaTeX scanner to search for graphics on the TEXINPUTS path.

- Have the PDFLaTeX scanner search for .gif files as well.

From Greg Noel:

- Fix typos and format bugs in the man page.

- Add a first draft of a wrapper module for Python's subprocess module.

- Refactor use of the SCons.compat module so other modules don't have to import it individually.

- Add .sx as a suffix for assembly language files that use the C preprocessor.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- Make Glob() sort the returned list of Files or Nodes to prevent spurious rebuilds.

- Add a delete_existing keyword argument to the AppendENVPath() and PrependENVPath() Environment methods.

- Add ability to use "$SOURCE" when specifying a target to a builder

From Damyan Pepper:

- Add a test case to verify that SConsignFile() files can be created in previously non-existent subdirectories.

From Jim Randall:

- Make the subdirectory in which the SConsignFile() file will live, if the subdirectory doesn't already exist.

From Ali Tofigh:

- Add a test to verify duplication of files in VariantDir subdirectories.

RELEASE 1.0.1 - Sat, 06 Sep 2008 07:29:34 -0700

From Greg Noel:

- Add a FindFile() section to the User's Guide.

- Fix the FindFile() documentation in the man page.

- Fix formatting errors in the Package() description in the man page.

- Escape parentheses that appear within variable names when spawning command lines using os.system().

RELEASE 1.0.0.d20080826 - Tue, 26 Aug 2008 09:12:40 -0700

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- Make Glob() sort the returned list of Files or Nodes to prevent spurious rebuilds.

From Ian P. Cardenas:

- Fix Glob() polluting LIBPATH by returning copy of list


From Jared Grubb:

- Clear the Node state when turning a generic Entry into a Dir.

From Ludwig H 鋒 ne:

- Fix sporadic output-order failures in test/GetBuildFailures/

- Document the ParseDepends() function in the User's Guide.

From khomenko:

- Create a separate description and long_description for RPM packages.

From Steven Knight:

- Document the GetLaunchDir() function in the User's Guide.

- Have the env.Execute() method print an error message if the executed command fails.

- Add a script for creating a standard SCons development system on Ubuntu Hardy. Rewrite subsidiary scripts for install Python and SCons versions in Python (from shell).

From Greg Noel:

- Handle yacc/bison on newer Mac OS X versions creating file.hpp, not file.cpp.h.

- In RPCGEN tests, ignore stderr messages from older versions of rpcgen on some versions of Mac OS X.

- Fix typos in man page descriptions of Tag() and Package(), and in the scons-time man page.

- Fix documentation of SConf.CheckLibWithHeader and other SConf methods.

- Update documentation of SConscript(variant_dir) usage.

- Fix SWIG tests for (some versions of) Mac OS X.

From Jonas Olsson:

- Print the warning about -j on Windows being potentially unreliable if the pywin32 extensions are unavailable or lack file handle operations.

From Jim Randall:

- Fix the env.WhereIs() method to expand construction variables.

From Rogier Schouten:

- Enable building of shared libraries with the Bordand ilink32 linker.

RELEASE 1.0.0 - Sat, 09 Aug 2008 12:19:44 -0700

From Luca Falavigna:

- Fix SCons man page indentation under Debian's man page macros.

From Steven Knight:

- Clarify the man page description of the SConscript(src_dir) argument.

- User's Guide updates:


- Document the AddOption(), GetOption() and SetOption() functions.

- Document the Requires() function; convert to the Variables object, its UnknownOptions() method, and its associated BoolVariable(), EnumVariable(), ListVariable(), PackageVariable() and PathVariable() functions.

- Document the Progress() function.

- Reorganize the chapter and sections describing the different types of environments and how they interact. Document the SetDefault() method. Document the PrependENVPath() and AppendENVPath() functions.

- Reorganize the command-line arguments chapter. Document the ARGLIST variable.

- Collect some miscellaneous sections into a chapter about configuring build output.

- Man page updates:

- Document suggested use of the Visual C/C++ /FC option to fix the ability to double-click on file names in compilation error messages.

- Document the need to use Clean() for any SideEffect() files that must be explicitly removed when their targets are removed.

- Explicitly document use of Node lists as input to Dependency().

From Greg Noel:

- Document MergeFlags(), ParseConfig(), ParseFlags() and SideEffect() in the User's Guide.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

- Document use of the GetBuildFailures() function in the User's Guide.

From Adam Simpkins:

- Add man page text clarifying the behavior of AddPreAction() and AddPostAction() when called with multiple targets.

From Alexey Zezukin:

- Fix incorrectly swapped man page descriptions of the --warn= options for duplicate-environment and missing-sconscript.

RELEASE 0.98.5 - Sat, 07 Jun 2008 08:20:35 -0700

From Benoit Belley:

  • Fix the Intel C++ compiler ABI specification for EMT64 processors.

From David Cournapeau:

  • Issue a (suppressable) warning, not an error, when trying to link C++ and Fortran object files into the same executable.

From Steven Knight:

  • Update the scons.bat file so that it returns the real exit status from SCons, even though it uses setlocal + endlocal.

  • Fix the --interactive post-build messages so it doesn't get stuck mistakenly reporting failures after any individual build fails.

  • Fix calling File() as a File object method in some circumstances.

  • Fix installation on Mac OS X so SCons gets installed under /usr/lcoal by default, not in the Mac OS X Python framework.

RELEASE 0.98.4 - Sat, 17 May 2008 22:14:46 -0700

From Benoit Belley:

  • Fix calculation of signatures for Python function actions with closures in Python versions before 2.5.

From David Cournapeau:

  • Fix the initialization of $SHF77FLAGS so it includes $F77FLAGS.

From Jonas Olsson:

  • Fix a syntax error in the Intel C compiler support on Windows.

From Steven Knight:

  • Change how we represent Python Value Nodes when printing and when stored in .sconsign files (to avoid blowing out memory by storing huge strings in .sconsign files after multiple runs using Configure contexts cause the Value strings to be re-escaped each time).

  • Fix a regression in not executing configuration checks after failure of any configuration check that used the same compiler or other tool.

  • Handle multiple destinations in Visual Studio 8 settings for the analogues to the INCLUDE, LIBRARY and PATH variables.

From Greg Noel:

  • Update man page text for VariantDir().

RELEASE 0.98.3 - Tue, 29 Apr 2008 22:40:12 -0700

From Greg Noel:

  • Fix use of $CXXFLAGS when building C++ shared object files.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix a regression when a Builder's source_scanner doesn't select a more specific scanner for the suffix of a specified source file.

  • Fix the Options object backwards compatibility so people can still "import SCons.Options.{Bool,Enum,List,Package,Path}Option" submodules.

  • Fix searching for implicit dependencies when an Entry Node shows up in the search path list.

From Stefano:

  • Fix expansion of $FORTRANMODDIR in the default Fortran command line(s) when it's set to something like ${TARGET.dir}.

RELEASE 0.98.2 - Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:38:56 -0700

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix a bug in Fortran suffix computation that would cause SCons to run out of memory on Windows systems.

  • Fix being able to specify --interactive mode command lines with \ (backslash) path name separators on Windows.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Document Glob() in the User's Guide.

RELEASE 0.98.1 - Fri, 18 Apr 2008 19:11:58 -0700

From Benoit Belley:

  • Speed up the SCons.Util.to_string*() functions.

  • Optimize various Node intialization and calculations.

  • Optimize Executor scanning code.

  • Optimize Taskmaster execution, including dependency-cycle checking.

  • Fix the --debug=stree option so it prints its tree once, not twice.

From Johan Boul�:

  • Fix the ability to use LoadableModule() under MinGW.

From David Cournapeau:

  • Various missing Fortran-related construction variables have been added.

  • SCons now uses the program specified in the $FORTRAN construction variable to link Fortran object files.

  • Fortran compilers on Linux (Intel, g77 and gfortran) now add the -fPIC option by default when compilling shared objects.

  • New 'sunf77', 'sunf90' and 'sunf95' Tool modules have been added to support Sun Fortran compilers. On Solaris, the Sun Fortran compilers are used in preference to other compilers by default.

  • Fortran support now uses gfortran in preference to g77.

  • Fortran file suffixes are now configurable through the $F77FILESUFFIXES, $F90FILESUFFIXES, $F95FILESUFFIXES and $FORTRANFILESUFFIXES variables.

From Steven Knight:

  • Make the -d, -e, -w and --no-print-directory options "Ignored for compatibility." (We're not going to implement them.)

  • Fix a serious inefficiency in how SCons checks for whether any source files are missing when a Builder call creates many targets from many input source files.

  • In Java projects, make the target .class files depend only on the specific source .java files where the individual classes are defined.

  • Don't store duplicate source file entries in the .sconsign file so we don't endlessly rebuild the target(s) for no reason.

  • Add a Variables object as the first step towards deprecating the Options object name. Similarly, add BoolVariable(), EnumVariable(), ListVariable(), PackageVariable() and PathVariable() functions as first steps towards replacing BoolOption(), EnumOption(), ListOption(), PackageOption() and PathOption().

  • Change the options= keyword argument to the Environment() function to variables=, to avoid confusion with SCons command-line options. Continue supporting the options= keyword for backwards compatibility.

  • When $SWIGFLAGS contains the -python flag, expect the generated .py file to be in the same (sub) directory as the target.

  • When compiling C++ files, allow $CCFLAGS settings to show up on the command line even when $CXXFLAGS has been redefined.

  • Fix --interactive with -u/-U/-D when a VariantDir() is used.

From Anatoly Techtonik:

  • Have the scons.bat file add the script execution directory to its local %PATH% on Windows, so the Python executable can be found.

From Mike Wake:

  • Fix passing variable names as a list to the Return() function.

From Matthew Wesley:

  • Add support for the GDC 'D' language compiler.

RELEASE 0.98 - Sun, 30 Mar 2008 23:33:05 -0700

From Benoit Belley:

  • Fix the --keep-going flag so it builds all possible targets even when a later top-level target depends on a child that failed its build.

  • Fix being able to use $PDB and $WINDWOWS_INSERT_MANIFEST together.

  • Don't crash if un-installing the Intel C compiler leaves left-over, dangling entries in the Windows registry.

  • Improve support for non-standard library prefixes and suffixes by stripping all prefixes/suffixes from file name string as appropriate.

  • Reduce the default stack size for -j worker threads to 256 Kbytes. Provide user control over this value by adding --stack-size and --warn=stack-size options, and a SetOption('stack_size') function.

  • Fix a crash on Linux systems when trying to use the Intel C compiler and no /opt/intel_cc_* directories are found.

  • Improve using Python functions as actions by incorporating into a FunctionAction's signature:

    • literal values referenced by the byte code.
    • values of default arguments
    • code of nested functions
    • values of variables captured by closures
    • names of referenced global variables and functions
  • Fix the closing message when --clean and --keep-going are both used and no errors occur.

  • Add support for the Intel C compiler on Mac OS X.

  • Speed up reading SConscript files by about 20% (for some configurations) by: 1) optimizing the SCons.Util.is_*() and SCons.Util.flatten() functions; 2) avoiding unnecessary os.stat() calls by using a File's .suffix attribute directly instead of stringifying it.

From J 茅 r 么 me Berger:

  • Have the D language scanner search for .di files as well as .d files.

  • Add a find_include_names() method to the Scanner.Classic class to abstract out how included names can be generated by subclasses.

  • Allow the D language scanner to detect multiple modules imported by a single statement.

From Konstantin Bozhikov:

  • Support expansion of construction variables that contain or refer to lists of other variables or Nodes within expansions like $CPPPATH.

  • Change variable substitution (the env.subst() method) so that an input sequence (list or tuple) is preserved as a list in the output.

From David Cournapeau:

  • Add a CheckDeclaration() call to configure contexts.

  • Improve the CheckTypeSize() code.

  • Add a Define() call to configure contexts, to add arbitrary #define lines to a generated configure header file.

  • Add a "gfortran" Tool module for the GNU F95/F2003 compiler.

  • Avoid use of -rpath with the Mac OS X linker.

  • Add comment lines to the generated config.h file to describe what the various #define/#undef lines are doing.

From Steven Knight:

  • Support the ability to subclass the new-style "str" class as input to Builders.

  • Improve the performance of our type-checking by using isinstance() with new-style classes.

  • Fix #include (and other $*PATH variables searches) of files with absolute path names. Don't die if they don't exist (due to being #ifdef'ed out or the like).

  • Fix --interactive mode when Default(None) is used.

  • Fix --debug=memoizer to work around a bug in base Python 2.2 metaclass initialization (by just not allowing Memoization in Python versions that have the bug).

  • Have the "scons-time time" subcommand handle empty log files, and log files that contain no results specified by the --which option.

  • Fix the max Y of vertical bars drawn by "scons-time --fmt=gnuplot".

  • On Mac OS X, account for the fact that the header file generated from a C++ file will be named (e.g.) file.cpp.h, not file.hpp.

  • Fix floating-point numbers confusing the Java parser about generated .class file names in some configurations.

  • Document (nearly) all the values you can now fetch with GetOption().

  • Fix use of file names containing strings of multiple spaces when using ActionFactory instances like the Copy() or Move() function.

  • Fix a 0.97 regression when using a variable expansion (like $OBJSUFFIX) in a source file name to a builder with attached source builders that match suffix (like Program()+Object()).

  • Have the Java parser recognize generics (surrounded by angle brackets) so they don't interfere with identifying anonymous inner classes.

  • Avoid an infinite loop when trying to use saved copies of the env.Install() or env.InstallAs() after replacing the method attributes.

  • Improve the performance of setting construction variables.

  • When cloning a construction environment, avoid over-writing an attribute for an added method if the user explicitly replaced it.

  • Add a warning about deprecated support for Python 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1.

  • Fix being able to SetOption('warn', ...) in SConscript files.

  • Add a warning about env.Copy() being deprecated.

  • Add warnings about the --debug={dtree,stree,tree} options being deprecated.

  • Add VariantDir() as the first step towards deprecating BuildDir(). Add the keyword argument "variant_dir" as the replacement for "build_dir".

  • Add warnings about the {Target,Source}Signatures() methods and functions being deprecated.

From Rob Managan:

  • Enhance TeX and LaTeX support to work with BuildDir(duplicate=0).

  • Re-run LaTeX when it issues a package warning that it must be re-run.

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • Have the Copy() action factory preserve file modes and times when copying individual files.

From Jan Nijtmans:

  • If $JARCHDIR isn't set explicitly, use the .java_classdir attribute that was set when the Java() Builder built the .class files.

From Greg Noel:

  • Document the Dir(), File() and Entry() methods of Dir and File Nodes.

  • Add the parse_flags option when creating Environments

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Make File(), Dir() and Entry() return a list of Nodes when passed a list of names, instead of trying to make a string from the name list and making a Node from that string.

  • Fix the ability to build an Alias in --interactive mode.

  • Fix the ability to hash the contents of actions for nested Python functions on Python versions where the inability to pickle them returns a TypeError (instead of the documented PicklingError).

From Jonas Olsson:

  • Fix use of the Intel C compiler when the top compiler directory, but not the compiler version, is specified.

  • Handle Intel C compiler network license files (port@system).

From Jim Randall:

  • Fix how Python Value Nodes are printed in --debug=explain output.

From Adam Simpkins:

  • Add a --interactive option that starts a session for building (or cleaning) targets without re-reading the SConscript files every time.

  • Fix use of readline command-line editing in --interactive mode.

  • Have the --interactive mode "build" command with no arguments build the specified Default() targets.

  • Fix the Chmod(), Delete(), Mkdir() and Touch() Action factories to take a list (of Nodes or strings) as arguments.

From Vaclav Smilauer:

  • Fix saving and restoring an Options value of 'all' on Python versions where all() is a builtin function.

From Daniel Svensson:

  • Code correction in SCons.Util.is_List().

From Ben Webb:

  • Support the SWIG %module statement with following modifiers in parenthese (e.g., '%module(directors="1")').

RELEASE 0.97.0d20071212 - Wed, 12 Dec 2007 09:29:32 -0600

From Benoit Belley:

  • Fix occasional spurious rebuilds and inefficiency when using --implicit-cache and Builders that produce multiple targets.

  • Allow SCons to not have to know about the builders of generated files when BuildDir(duplicate=0) is used, potentially allowing some SConscript files to be ignored for smaller builds.

From David Cournapeau:

  • Add a CheckTypeSize() call to configure contexts.

From Ken Deeter:

  • Make the "contents" of Alias Nodes a concatenation of the children's content signatures (MD5 checksums), not a concatenation of the children's contents, to avoid using large amounts of memory during signature calculation.

From Malte Helmert:

  • Fix a lot of typos in the man page and User's Guide.

From Geoffrey Irving:

  • Speed up conversion of paths in .sconsign files to File or Dir Nodes.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add an Options.UnknownOptions() method that returns any settings (from the command line, or whatever dictionary was passed in) that aren't known to the Options object.

  • Add a Glob() function.

  • When removing targets with the -c option, use the absolute path (to avoid problems interpreting BuildDir() when the top-level directory is the source directory).

  • Fix problems with Install() and InstallAs() when called through a clone (of a clone, ...) of a cloned construction environment.

  • When executing a file containing Options() settings, add the file's directory to sys.path (so modules can be imported from there) and explicity set name to the name of the file so the statement's in the file can deduce the location if they need to.

  • Fix an O(n^2) performance problem when adding sources to a target through calls to a multi Builder (including Aliases).

  • Redefine the $WINDOWSPROGMANIFESTSUFFIX and $WINDOWSSHLIBMANIFESTSUFFIX variables so they pick up changes to the underlying $SHLIBSUFFIX and $PROGSUFFIX variables.

  • Add a GetBuildFailures() function that can be called from functions registered with the Python atexit module to print summary information about any failures encountered while building.

  • Return a NodeList object, not a Python list, when a single_source Builder like Object() is called with more than one file.

  • When searching for implicit dependency files in the directories in a $*PATH list, don't create Dir Nodes for directories that don't actually exist on-disk.

  • Add a Requires() function to allow the specification of order-only prerequisites, which will be updated before specified "downstream" targets but which don't actually cause the target to be rebuilt.

  • Restore the FS.{Dir,File,Entry}.rel_path() method.

  • Make the default behavior of {Source,Target}Signatures('timestamp') be equivalent to 'timestamp-match', not 'timestamp-newer'.

  • Fix use of CacheDir with Decider('timestamp-newer') by updating the modification time when copying files from the cache.

  • Fix random issues with parallel (-j) builds on Windows when Python holds open file handles (especially for SCons temporary files, or targets built by Python function actions) across process creation.

From Maxim Kartashev:

  • Fix test scripts when run on Solaris.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix Glob() when a pattern is in an explicitly-named subdirectory.

From Philipp Scholl:

  • Fix setting up targets if multiple Package builders are specified at once.

RELEASE 0.97.0d20070918 - Tue, 18 Sep 2007 10:51:27 -0500

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix the wix Tool module to handle null entries in $PATH variables.

  • Move the documentation of Install() and InstallAs() from the list of functions to the list of Builders (now that they're implemented as such).

  • Allow env.CacheDir() to be set per construction environment. The global CacheDir() function now sets an overridable global default.

  • Add an env.Decider() method and a Node.Decider() method that allow flexible specification of an arbitrary function to decide if a given dependency has changed since the last time a target was built.

  • Don't execute Configure actions (while reading SConscript files) when cleaning (-c) or getting help (-h or -H).

  • Add to each target an implicit dependency on the external command(s) used to build the target, as found by searching env['ENV']['PATH'] for the first argument on each executed command line.

  • Add support for a $IMPLICIT_COMMAND_DEPENDENCIES construction variabe that can be used to disable the automatic implicit dependency on executed commands.

  • Add an "ensure_suffix" keyword to Builder() definitions that, when true, will add the configured suffix to the targets even if it looks like they already have a different suffix.

  • Add a Progress() function that allows for calling a function or string (or list of strings) to display progress while walking the DAG.

  • Allow ParseConfig(), MergeFlags() and ParseFlags() to handle output from a *config command with quoted path names that contain spaces.

  • Make the Return() function stop processing the SConscript file and return immediately. Add a "stop=" keyword argument that can be set to False to preserve the old behavior.

  • Fix use of exitstatfunc on an Action.

  • Introduce all man page function examples with "Example:" or "Examples:".

  • When a file gets added to a directory, make sure the directory gets re-scanned for the new implicit dependency.

  • Fix handling a file that's specified multiple times in a target list so that it doesn't cause dependent Nodes to "disappear" from the dependency graph walk.

From Carsten Koch:

  • Avoid race conditions with same-named files and directory creation when pushing copies of files to CacheDir().

From Tzvetan Mikov:

  • Handle $ in Java class names.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add support for the Intel C compiler on Windows64.

  • On SGI IRIX, have $SHCXX use $CXX by default (like other platforms).

From Sohail Somani:

  • When Cloning a construction environment, set any variables before applying tools (so the tool module can access the configured settings) and re-set them after (so they end up matching what the user set).

From Matthias Troffaes:

  • Make sure extra auxiliary files generated by some LaTeX packages and not ending in .aux also get deleted by scons -c.

From Greg Ward:

  • Add a $JAVABOOTCLASSPATH variable for directories to be passed to the javac -bootclasspath option.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Add implicit dependencies on the commands used to build a target.

RELEASE 0.97.0d20070809 - Fri, 10 Aug 2007 10:51:27 -0500

From Lars Albertsson:

  • Don't error if a #include line happens to match a directory somewhere on a path (like $CPPPATH, $FORTRANPATH, etc.).

From Mark Bertoglio:

  • Fix listing multiple projects in Visual Studio 7.[01] solution files, including generating individual project GUIDs instead of re-using the solution GUID.

From Jean Brouwers:

  • Add /opt/SUNWspro/bin to the default execution PATH on Solaris.

From Allan Erskine:

  • Only expect the Microsoft IDL compiler to emit *_p.c and *_data.c files if the /proxy and /dlldata switches are used (respectively).

From Steven Knight:

  • Have --debug=explain report if a target is being rebuilt because AlwaysBuild() is specified (instead of "unknown reasons").

  • Support {Get,Set}Option('help') to make it easier for SConscript files to tell if a help option (-h, --help, etc.) has been specified.

  • Support {Get,Set}Option('random') so random-dependency interaction with CacheDir() is controllable from SConscript files.

  • Add a new AddOption() function to support user-defined command- line flags (like --prefix=, --force, etc.).

  • Push and retrieve built symlinks to/from a CacheDir() as actual symlinks, not by copying the file contents.

  • Fix how the Action module handles stringifying the shared library generator in the Tool/ module.

  • When generating a config.h file, print "#define HAVE_{FEATURE} 1" instad of just "#define HAVE_{FEATURE}", for more compatibility with Autoconf-style projects.

  • Fix expansion of $TARGET, $TARGETS, $SOURCE and $SOURCES keywords in Visual C/C++ PDB file names.

  • Fix locating Visual C/C++ PDB files in build directories.

  • Support an env.AddMethod() method and an AddMethod() global function for adding a new method, respectively, to a construction environment or an arbitrary object (such as a class).

  • Fix the --debug=time option when the -j option is specified and all files are up to date.

  • Add a $SWIGOUTDIR variable to allow setting the swig -outdir option, and use it to identify files created by the swig -java option.

  • Add a $SWIGPATH variable that specifies the path to be searched for included SWIG files, Also add related $SWIGINCPREFIX and $SWIGINCSUFFIX variables that specify the prefix and suffix to be be added to each $SWIGPATH directory when expanded on the SWIG command line.

  • More efficient copying of construction environments (mostly borrowed from copy.deepcopy() in the standard Python library).

  • When printing --tree=prune output, don't print [brackets] around source files, only do so for built targets with children.

  • Fix interpretation of Builder source arguments when the Builder has a src_suffix and a source_builder and the argument has no suffix.

  • Fix use of expansions like ${TARGET.dir} or ${SOURCE.dir} in the following construction variables: $FORTRANMODDIR, $JARCHDIR, $JARFLAGS, $LEXFLAGS, $SWIGFLAGS, $SWIGOUTDIR and $YACCFLAGS.

  • Fix dependencies on Java files generated by SWIG so they can be detected and built in one pass.

  • Fix SWIG when used with a BuildDir().

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • When applying Tool modules after a construction environment has already been created, don't overwrite existing $CFILESUFFIX and $CXXFILESUFFIX value.

  • Support passing the Java() builder a list of explicit .java files (not only a list of directories to be scanned for .java files).

  • Support passing .java files to the Jar() and JavaH() builders, which then use the builder underlying the Java() builder to turn them into .class files. (That is, the Jar()-Java() chain of builders become multi-step, like the Program()-Object()-CFile() builders.)

  • Support passing SWIG .i files to the Java builders (Java(), Jar(), JavaH()), to cause intermediate .java files to be created automatically.

  • Add $JAVACLASSPATH and $JAVASOURCEPATH variables, that get added to the javac "-classpath" and "-sourcepath" options. (Note that SCons does not currently search these paths for implicit dependencies.)

  • Commonize initialization of Java-related builders.

From Jan Nijtmans:

  • Find Java anonymous classes when the next token after the name is an open parenthesis.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix a code example in the man page.

From Tilo Prutz:

  • Add support for the file names that Java 1.5 (and 1.6) generates for nested anonymous inner classes, which are different from Java 1.4.

From Adam Simpkins:

  • Allow worker threads to terminate gracefully when all jobs are finished.

From Sohail Somani:

  • Add LaTeX scanner support for finding dependencies specified with the \usepackage{} directive.

RELEASE 0.97 - Thu, 17 May 2007 08:59:41 -0500

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix a bug that would make parallel builds stop in their tracks if Nodes that depended on lists that contained some Nodes built together caused the reference count to drop below 0 if the Nodes were visited and commands finished in the wrong order.

  • Make sure the DirEntryScanner doesn't choke if it's handed something that's not a directory (Node.FS.Dir) Node.

RELEASE 0.96.96 - Thu, 12 Apr 2007 12:36:25 -0500

NOTE: This is (Yet) a(nother) pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Joe Bloggs:

  • Man page fix: remove cut-and-paste sentence in NoCache() description.

From Dmitry Grigorenko and Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Use the Intel C++ compiler, not $CC, to link C++ source.

From Helmut Grohne:

  • Fix the man page example of propagating a user's external environment.

From Steven Knight:

  • Back out (most of) the Windows registry installer patch, which seems to not work on some versions of Windows.

  • Don't treat Java ".class" attributes as defining an inner class.

  • Fix detecting an erroneous Java anonymous class when the first non-skipped token after a "new" keyword is a closing brace.

  • Fix a regression when a CPPDEFINES list contains a tuple, the second item of which (the option value) is a construction variable expansion (e.g. $VALUE) and the value of the variable isn't a string.

  • Improve the error message if an IOError (like trying to read a directory as a file) occurs while deciding if a node is up-to-date.

  • Fix "maximum recursion" / "unhashable type" errors in $CPPPATH PathList expansion if a subsidiary expansion yields a stringable, non-Node object.

  • Generate API documentation from the docstrings (using epydoc).

  • Fix use of --debug=presub with Actions for out-of-the-box Builders.

  • Fix handling nested lists within $CPPPATH, $LIBPATH, etc.

  • Fix a "builders_used" AttributeError that real-world Qt initialization triggered in the refactored suffix handling for Builders.

  • Make the reported --debug=time timings meaningful when used with -j. Better documentation of what the times mean.

  • User Guide updates: --random, AlwaysBuild(), --tree=, --debug=findlibs, --debug=presub, --debug=stacktrace, --taskmastertrace.

  • Document (in both man page and User's Guide) that --implicit-cache ignores changes in $CPPPATH, $LIBPATH, etc.

From Jean-Baptiste Lab:

  • Remove hard-coded dependency on Python 2.2 from Debian packaging files.

From Jeff Mahovsky:

  • Handle spaces in the build target name in Visual Studio project files.

From Rob Managan:

  • Re-run LaTeX after BibTeX has been re-run in response to a changed .bib file.

From Joel B. Mohler:

  • Make additional TeX auxiliary files (.toc, .idx and .bbl files) Precious so their removal doesn't affect whether the necessary sections are included in output PDF or PostScript files.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix the ability to import modules in the site_scons directory from a subdirectory.

From Adam Simpkins:

  • Make sure parallel (-j) builds all targets even if they show up multiple times in the child list (as a source and a dependency).

From Matthias Troffaes:

  • Don't re-run TeX if the triggering strings (\makeindex, \bibliography \tableofcontents) are commented out.

From Richard Viney:

  • Fix use of custom include and lib paths with Visual Studio 8.

  • Select the default .NET Framework SDK Dir based on the version of Visual Studio being used.

RELEASE 0.96.95 - Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:25:16 -0600

From Anatoly:

  • Add the URL and a package description to the arguments.

  • Have the Windows installer add a registry entry for scons.bat in the "App Paths" key, so scons.bat can be executed without adding the directory to the %PATH%. (Python itself works this way.)

From Anonymous:

  • Fix looking for default paths in Visual Studio 8.0 (and later).

  • Add -lm to the list of default D libraries for linking.

From Matt Doar:

  • Provide a more complete write-your-own-Scanner example in the man page.

From Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve:

  • Contributed upstream Python change to our copied module for more efficient standard input processing.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix the Node.FS.Base.rel_path() method when the two nodes are on different drive letters. (This caused an infinite loop when trying to write .sconsign files.)

  • Fully support Scanners that use a dictionary to map file suffixes to other scanners.

  • Support delayed evaluation of the $SPAWN variable to allow selection of a function via ${} string expansions.

  • Add --srcdir as a synonym for -Y/--repository.

  • Document limitations of #include "file.h" with Repository().

  • Fix use of a toolpath under the source directory of a BuildDir().

  • Fix env.Install() with a file name portion that begins with '#'.

  • Fix ParseConfig()'s handling of multiple options in a string that's replaced a *FLAGS construction variable.

  • Have the C++ tools initialize common C compilation variables ($CCFLAGS, $SHCCFLAGS and $_CCCOMCOM) even if the 'cc' Tool isn't loaded.

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • Fix detection of Java anonymous classes if a newline precedes the opening brace.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Document use of ${} to execute arbitrary Python code.

  • Add support for: 1) automatically adding a site_scons subdirectory (in the top-level SConstruct directory) to sys.path (PYTHONPATH); 2) automatically importing site_scons/; 3) automatically adding site_scons/site_tools to the toolpath.

From John Pye:

  • Change ParseConfig() to preserve white space in arguments passed in as a list.

From a smith:

  • Fix adding explicitly-named Java inner class files (and any other file names that may contain a '$') to Jar files.

From David Vitek:

  • Add a NoCache() function to mark targets as unsuitable for propagating to (or retrieving from) a CacheDir().

From Ben Webb:

  • If the swig -noproxy option is used, it won't generate a .py file, so don't emit it as a target that we expect to be built.

RELEASE 0.96.94 - Sun, 07 Jan 2007 18:36:20 -0600

NOTE: This is a pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Anonymous:

  • Allow arbitrary white space after a SWIG %module declaration.

From Paul:

  • When compiling resources under MinGW, make sure there's a space between the --include-dir option and its argument.

From Jay Kint:

  • Alleviate long command line issues on Windows by executing command lines directly via os.spawnv() if the command line doesn't need shell interpretation (has no pipes, redirection, etc.).

From Walter Franzini:

  • Exclude additional Debian packaging files from the copyright check.

From Fawad Halim:

  • Handle the conflict between the impending Python 2.6 'as' keyword and our Tool/ module name.

From Steven Knight:

  • Speed up the Node.FS.Dir.rel_path() method used to generate path names that get put into the .sconsign* file(s).

  • Optimize Node.FS.Base.get_suffix() by computing the suffix once, up front, when we set the Node's name. (Duh...)

  • Reduce the Memoizer's responsibilities to simply counting hits and misses when the --debug=memoizer option is used, not to actually handling the key calculation and memoization itself. This speeds up some configurations significantly, and should cause no functional differences.

  • Add a new scons-time script with subcommands for generating consistent timing output from SCons configurations, extracting various information from those timings, and displaying them in different formats.

  • Reduce some unnecessary stat() calls from on-disk entry type checks.

  • Fix SideEffect() when used with -j, which was badly broken in 0.96.93.

  • Propagate TypeError exceptions when evaluating construction variable expansions up the stack, so users can see what's going on.

  • When disambiguating a Node.FS.Entry into a Dir or File, don't look in the on-disk source directory until we've confirmed there's no on-disk entry locally and there is one in the srcdir. This avoids creating a phantom Node that can interfere with dependencies on directory contents.

  • Add an AllowSubstExceptions() function that gives the SConscript files control over what exceptions cause a string to expand to '' vs. terminating processing with an error.

  • Allow the and Tool modules to compile earlier source source files of earlier Fortran version.

  • Fix storing signatures of files retrieved from CacheDir() so they're correctly identified as up-to-date next invocation.

  • Make sure lists of computed source suffixes cached by Builder objects don't persist across changes to the list of source Builders (so the addition of suffixes like .ui by the Tool module take effect).

  • Enhance the script to allow it to be used to execute SCons more easily from a checked-out source tree.

From Ben Leslie:

  • Fix post-Memoizer value caching misspellings in Node.FS._doLookup().

From Rob Managan, Dmitry Mikhin and Joel B. Mohler:

  • Handle TeX/LaTeX files in subdirectories by changing directory before invoking TeX/LaTeX.

  • Scan LaTeX files for \bibliography lines.

  • Support multiple file names in a "\bibliography{file1,file2}" string.

  • Handle TeX warnings about undefined citations.

  • Support re-running LaTeX if necessary due to a Table of Contents.

From Dmitry Mikhin:

  • Return LaTeX if "Rerun to get citations correct" shows up on the next line after the "Warning:" string.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add #include lines to fix portability issues in two tests.

  • Eliminate some unnecessary os.path.normpath() calls.

  • Add a $CFLAGS variable for C-specific options, leaving $CCFLAGS for options common to C and C++.

From Tom Parker:

  • Have the error message print the missing file that Qt can't find.

From John Pye:

  • Fix env.MergeFlags() appending to construction variable value of None.

From Steve Robbins:

  • Fix the "sconsign" script when the .sconsign.dblite file is explicitly specified on the command line (and not intuited from the old way of calling it with just ".sconsign").

From Jose Pablo Ezequiel "Pupeno" Fernandez Silva:

  • Give the 'lex' tool knowledge of the additional target files produced by the flex "--header-file=" and "--tables-file=" options.

  • Give the 'yacc' tool knowledge of the additional target files produced by the bison "-g", "--defines=" and "--graph=" options.

  • Generate intermediate files with Objective C file suffixes (.m) when the lex and yacc source files have appropriate suffixes (.lm and .ym).

From Sohail Somain:

  • Have the Tool only look for a 'link' executable on Windows systems.

From Vaclav Smilauer:

  • Add support for a "srcdir" keyword argument when calling a Builder, which will add a srcdir prefix to all non-relative string sources.

From Jonathan Ultis:

  • Allow Options converters to take the construction environment as an optional argument.

RELEASE 0.96.93 - Mon, 06 Nov 2006 00:44:11 -0600

NOTE: This is a pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Anonymous:

  • Allow Python Value Nodes to be Builder targets.

From Matthias:

  • Only filter Visual Studio common filename prefixes on complete directory names.

From Chad Austin:

  • Fix the build of the SCons documentation on systems that don't have "python" in the $PATH.

From Ken Boortz:

  • Enhance ParseConfig() to recognize options that begin with '+'.

From John Calcote, Elliot Murphy:

  • Document ways to override the CCPDBFLAGS variable to use the Microsoft linker's /Zi option instead of the default /Z7.

From Christopher Drexler:

  • Make SCons aware bibtex must be called if any \include files cause creation of a bibliography.

  • Make SCons aware that "\bilbiography" in TeX source files means that related .bbl and .blg bibliography files will be created. (NOTE: This still needs to search for the string in \include files.)

From David Gruener:

  • Fix inconsistent handling of Action strfunction arguments.

  • Preserve white space in display Action strfunction strings.

From James Y. Knight and Gerard Patel:

  • Support creation of shared object files from assembly language.

From Steven Knight:

  • Speed up the Taskmaster significantly by avoiding unnecessary re-scans of Nodes to find out if there's work to be done, having it track the currently-executed top-level target directly and not through its presence on the target list, and eliminating some other minor list(s), method(s) and manipulation.

  • Fix the expansion of $TARGET and $SOURCE in the expansion of $INSTALLSTR displayed for non-environment calls to InstallAs().

  • Fix the ability to have an Alias() call refer to a directory name that's not identified as a directory until later.

  • Enhance with an option to use QMTest as the harness. This will become the default behavior as we add more functionality to the QMTest side.

  • Let linking on mingw use the default function that chooses $CC (gcc) or $CXX (g++) depending on whether there are any C++ source files.

  • Work around a bug in early versions of the Python 2.4 profile module that caused the --profile= option to fail.

  • Only call Options validators and converters once when initializing a construction environment.

  • Fix the ability of env.Append() and env.Prepend(), in all known Python versions, to handle different input value types when the construction variable being updated is a dictionary.

  • Add a --cache-debug option for information about what files it's looking for in a CacheDir().

  • Document the difference in construction variable expansion between {Action,Builder}() and env.{Action,Builder}().

  • Change the name of env.Copy() to env.Clone(), keeping the old name around for backwards compatibility (with the intention of eventually phasing it out to avoid confusion with the Copy() Action factory).

From Arve Knudsen:

  • Support cleaning and scanning SWIG-generated files.

From Carsten Koch:

  • Allow selection of Visual Studio version by setting $MSVS_VERSION after construction environment initialization.

From Jean-Baptiste Lab:

  • Try using zipimport if we can't import Tool or Platform modules using the normal "imp" module. This allows SCons to be packaged using py2exe's all-in-one-zip-file approach.

From Ben Liblit:

  • Do not re-scan files if the scanner returns no implicit dependencies.

From Sanjoy Mahajan:

  • Change use of $SOURCES to $SOURCE in all TeX-related Tool modules.

From Joel B. Mohler:

  • Make SCons aware that "\makeindex" in TeX source files means that related .ilg, .ind and .idx index files will be created. (NOTE: This still needs to search for the string in \include files.)

  • Prevent scanning the TeX .aux file for additional files from trying to remove it twice when the -c option is used.

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • Give the MSVC RES (resource) Builder a src_builder list and a .rc src_suffix so other builders can generate .rc files.

From Matthew A. Nicholson:

  • Enhance Install() and InstallAs() to handle directory trees as sources.

From Jan Nijtmans:

  • Don't use the -fPIC flag when using gcc on Windows (e.g. MinGW).

From Greg Noel:

  • Add an env.ParseFlags() method that provides separate logic for parsing GNU tool chain flags into a dictionary.

  • Add an env.MergeFlags() method to apply an arbitrary dictionary of flags to a construction environment's variables.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix parsing tripartite Intel C compiler version numbers on Linux.

  • Extend the ParseConfig() function to recognize -arch and -isysroot options.

  • Have the error message list the known suffixes when a Builder call can't build a source file with an unknown suffix.

From Karol Pietrzak:

  • Avoid recursive calls to main() in the program snippet used by the SConf subsystem to test linking against libraries. This changes the default behavior of CheckLib() and CheckLibWithHeader() to print "Checking for C library foo..." instead of "Checking for main() in C library foo...".

From John Pye:

  • Throw an exception if a command called by ParseConfig() or ParseFlags() returns an error.

From Stefan Seefeld:

  • Initial infrastructure for running SCons tests under QMTest.

From Sohail Somani:

  • Fix tests that fail due to gcc warnings.

From Dobes Vandermeer:

  • In stack traces, print the full paths of SConscript files.

From Atul Varma:

  • Fix detection of Visual C++ Express Edition.

From Dobes Vandermeer:

  • Let the src_dir option to the SConscript() function affect all the the source file paths, instead of treating all source files paths as relative to the SConscript directory itself.

From Nicolas Vigier:

  • Fix finding Fortran modules in build directories.

  • Fix use of BuildDir() when the source file in the source directory is a symlink with a relative path.

From Edward Wang:

  • Fix the Memoizer when the SCons Python modules are executed from .pyo files at different locations from where they were compiled.

From Johan Zander:

  • Fix missing os.path.join() when constructing the $FRAMEWORKSDKDIR/bin.

RELEASE 0.96.92 - Mon, 10 Apr 2006 21:08:22 -0400

NOTE: This was a pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Anonymous:

  • Fix the Tool module to not throw an exception if the only installed version is something other than ia32.

  • Set $CCVERSION when using gcc.

From Matthias:

  • Support generating project and solution files for Microsoft Visual Studio version 8.

  • Support generating more than one project file for a Microsoft Visual Studio solution file.

  • Add support for a support "runfile" parameter to Microsoft Visual Studio project file creation.

  • Put the project GUID, not the solution GUID, in the right spot in the solution file.

From Erling Andersen:

  • Fix interpretation of Node.FS objects wrapped in Proxy instances, allowing expansion of things like ${File(TARGET)} in command lines.

From Stanislav Baranov:

  • Add a separate MSVSSolution() Builder, with support for the following new construction variables: $MSVSBUILDCOM, $MSVSCLEANCOM, $MSVSENCODING, $MSVSREBUILDCOM, $MSVSSCONS, $MSVSSCONSCOM, $MSVSSCONSFLAGS, $MSVSSCONSCRIPT and $MSVSSOLUTIONCOM.

From Ralph W. Grosse-Kunstleve and Patrick Mezard:

  • Remove unneceesary (and incorrect) SCons.Util strings on some function calls in SCons.Util.

From Bob Halley:

  • Fix C/C++ compiler selection on AIX to not always use the external $CC environment variable.

From August H 枚 randl:

  • Add a scanner for \include and \import files, with support for searching a directory list in $TEXINPUTS (imported from the external environment).

  • Support $MAKEINDEX, $MAKEINDEXCOM, $MAKEINDEXCOMSTR and $MAKEINDEXFLAGS for generating indices from .idx files.

From Steven Johnson:

  • Add a NoClean() Environment method and function to override removal of targets during a -c clean, including documentation and tests.

From Steven Knight:

  • Check for whether files exist on disk by listing the directory contents, not calling os.path.exists() file by file. This is somewhat more efficient in general, and may be significantly more efficient on Windows.

  • Minor speedups in the internal is_Dict(), is_List() and is_String() functions.

  • Fix a signature refactoring bug that caused Qt header files to get re-generated every time.

  • Don't fail when writing signatures if the .sconsign.dblite file is owned by a different user (e.g. root) from a previous run.

  • When deleting variables from stacked OverrideEnvironments, don't throw a KeyError if we were able to delte the variable from any Environment in the stack.

  • Get rid of the last indentation tabs in the SCons source files and add -tt to the Python invocations in the packaging build and the tests so they don't creep back in.

  • In Visual Studio project files, put quotes around the -C directory so everything works even if the path has spaces in it.

  • The Intel Fortran compiler uses -object:$TARGET, not "-o $TARGET", when building object files on Windows. Have the the ifort Tool modify the default command lines appropriately.

  • Document the --debug=explain option in the man page. (How did we miss this?)

  • Add a $LATEXRETRIES variable to allow configuration of the number of times LaTex can be re-called to try to resolve undefined references.

  • Change the order of the arguments to Configure.Checklib() to match the documentation.

  • Handle signature calculation properly when the Python function used for a FunctionAction is an object method.

  • On Windows, assume that absolute path names without a drive letter refer to the drive on which the SConstruct file lives.

  • Add /usr/ccs/bin to the end of the the default external execution PATH on Solaris.

  • Add $PKGCHK and $PKGINFO variables for use on Solaris when searching for the SunPRO C++ compiler. Make the default value for $PKGCHK be /usr/sbin/pgkchk (since /usr/sbin isn't usually on the external execution $PATH).

  • Fix a man page example of overriding variables when calling SharedLibrary() to also set the $LIBSUFFIXES variable.

  • Add a --taskmastertrace=FILE option to give some insight on how the taskmaster decides what Node to build next.

  • Changed the names of the old $WIN32DEFPREFIX, $WIN32DEFSUFFIX, $WIN32DLLPREFIX and $WIN32IMPLIBPREFIX construction variables to new $WINDOWSDEFPREFIX, $WINDOWSDEFSUFFIX, $WINDOWSDLLPREFIX and $WINDOWSIMPLIBPREFIX construction variables. The old names are now deprecated, but preserved for backwards compatibility.

  • Fix (?) a hang on Windows when the --xml option is used.

  • Change the message when an error occurs trying to interact with the file system to report the target(s) in square brackets (as before) and the actual file or directory that encountered the error afterwards.

From Chen Lee:

  • Add x64 support for Microsoft Visual Studio 8.

From Baptiste Lepilleur:

  • Support the --debug=memory option on Windows when the Python version has the win32process and win32api modules.

  • Add support for Visual Studio 2005 Pro.

  • Fix portability issues in various tests: test/, Test/Java/{JAR,JARCHDIR,JARFLAGS,JAVAC,JAVACFLAGS,JAVAH,RMIC}.py, test/MSVS/vs-{6.0,7.0,7.1,8.0}, test/Repository/{Java,JavaH,RMIC}.py, test/QT/{generated-ui,installed,up-to-date,warnings}.py, test/ZIP/

  • Ignore pkgchk errors on Solaris when searching for the C++ compiler.

  • Speed up the SCons/ unit tests.

  • Add a --verbose= option to to print executed commands and their output at various levels.

From Christian Maaser:

  • Add support for Visual Studio Express Editions.


From Adam MacBeth:

  • Fix detection of additional Java inner classes following use of a "new" keyword inside an inner class.

From Sanjoy Mahajan:

  • Correct TeX-related command lines to just $SOURCE, not $SOURCES

From Patrick Mezard:

  • Execute build commands for a command-line target if any of the files built along with the target is out of date or non-existent, not just if the command-line target itself is out of date.

  • Fix the -n option when used with -c to print all of the targets that will be removed for a multi-target Builder call.

  • If there's no file in the source directory, make sure there isn't one in the build directory, too, to avoid dangling files left over from previous runs when a source file is removed.

  • Allow AppendUnique() and PrependUnique() to append strings (and other atomic objects) to lists.

From Joel B. Mohler:

  • Extend,, and so that building from both TeX and LaTeX files uses the same logic to call $BIBTEX when it's necessary, to call $MAKEINDEX when it's necessary, and to call $TEX or $LATEX multiple times to handle undefined references.

  • Add an emitter to the various TeX builders so that the generated .aux and .log files also get deleted by the -c option.

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • Fix the Qt UIC scanner to work with generated .ui files (by using the FindFile() function instead of checking by-hand for the file).

From Jan Nieuwenhuizen:

  • Fix a problem with interpreting quoted argument lists on command lines.

From Greg Noel:

  • Add /sw/bin to the default execution PATH on Mac OS X.

From Kian Win Ong:

  • When building a .jar file and there is a $JARCHDIR, put the -C in front of each .class file on the command line.

  • Recognize the Java 1.5 enum keyword.

From Asfand Yar Qazi:

  • Add /opt/bin to the default execution PATH on all POSIX platforms (between /usr/local/bin and /bin).

From Jon Rafkind:

  • Fix the use of Configure() contexts from nested subsidiary SConscript files.

From Christoph Schulz:

  • Add support for $CONFIGUREDIR and $CONFIGURELOG variables to control the directory and logs for configuration tests.

  • Add support for a $INSTALLSTR variable.

  • Add support for $RANLIBCOM and $RANLIBCOMSTR variables (which fixes a bug when setting $ARCOMSTR).

From Amir Szekely:

  • Add use of $CPPDEFINES to $RCCOM (resource file compilation) on MinGW.

From Erick Tryzelaar:

  • Fix the error message when trying to report that a given option is not gettable/settable from an SConscript file.

From Dobes Vandermeer:

  • Add support for SCC and other settings in Microsoft Visual Studio project and solution files: $MSVS_PROJECT_BASE_PATH, $MSVS_PROJECT_GUID, $MSVS_SCC_AUX_PATH, $MSVS_SCC_LOCAL_PATH, $MSVS_SCC_PROJECT_NAME, $MSVS_SCC_PROVIDER,

  • Add support for using a $SCONS_HOME variable (imported from the external environment, or settable internally) to put a shortened SCons execution line in the Visual Studio project file.

From David J. Van Maren:

  • Only filter common prefixes from source files names in Visual Studio project files if the prefix is a complete (sub) directory name.

From Thad Ward:

  • If $MSVSVERSIONS is already set, don't overwrite it with information from the registry.

RELEASE 0.96.91 - Thu, 08 Sep 2005 07:18:23 -0400

NOTE: This was a pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Chad Austin:

  • Have the environment store the toolpath and re-use it to find Tools modules during later Copy() or Tool() calls (unless overridden).

  • Normalize the directory path names in SConsignFile() database files so the same signature file can interoperate on Windows and non-Windows systems.

  • Make --debug=stacktrace print a stacktrace when a UserError is thrown.

  • Remove an old, erroneous cut-and-paste comment in Scanner/

From Stanislav Baranov:

  • Make it possible to support with custom Alias (sub-) classes.

  • Allow Builders to take empty source lists when called.

  • Allow access to both TARGET and SOURCE in $*PATH expansions.

  • Allow SConscript files to modify BUILD_TARGETS.

From Timothee Besset:

  • Add support for Objective C/C++ .m and .mm file suffixes (for Mac OS X).

From Charles Crain

  • Fix the PharLap module to use target+source arguments when calling env.subst().

From Bjorn Eriksson:

  • Fix an incorrect Command() keyword argument in the man page.

  • Add a $TEMPFILEPREFIX variable to control the prefix or flag used to pass a long-command-line-execution tempfile to a command.

From Steven Knight:

  • Enhanced the SCons script to install man pages on UNIX/Linux systems.

  • Add support for an Options.FormatOptionHelpText() method that can be overridden to customize the format of Options help text.

  • Add a global name for the Entry class (which had already been documented).

  • Fix re-scanning of generated source files for implicit dependencies when the -j option is used.

  • Fix a dependency problem that caused $LIBS scans to not be added to all of the targets in a multiple-target builder call, which could cause out-of-order builds when the -j option is used.

  • Store the paths of source files and dependencies in the .sconsign* file(s) relative to the target's directory, not relative to the top-level SConstruct directory. This starts to make it possible to subdivide the dependency tree arbitrarily by putting an SConstruct file in every directory and using content signatures.

  • Add support for $YACCHFILESUFFIX and $YACCHXXFILESUFFIX variables that accomodate parser generators that write header files to a different suffix than the hard-coded .hpp when the -d option is used.

  • The default behavior is now to store signature information in a single .sconsign.dblite file in the top-level SConstruct directory. The old behavior of a separate .sconsign file in each directory can be specified by calling SConsignFile(None).

  • Remove line number byte codes within the signature calculation of Python function actions, so that changing the location of an otherwise unmodified Python function doesn't cause rebuilds.

  • Fix AddPreAction() and AddPostAction() when an action has more than one target file: attach the actions to the Executor, not the Node.

  • Allow the source directory of a BuildDir / build_dir to be outside of the top-level SConstruct directory tree.

  • Add a --debug=nomemoizer option that disables the Memoizer for clearer looks at the counts and profiles of the underlying function calls, not the Memoizer wrappers.

  • Print various --debug= stats even if we exit early (e.g. using -h).

  • Really only use the cached content signature value if the file is older than --max-drift, not just if --max-drift is set.

  • Remove support for conversion from old (pre 0.96) .sconsign formats.

  • Add support for a --diskcheck option to enable or disable various on-disk checks: that File and Dir nodes match on-disk entries; whether an RCS file exists for a missing source file; whether an SCCS file exists for a missing source file.

  • Add a --raw argument to the sconsign script, so it can print a raw representation of each entry's NodeInfo dictionary.

  • Add the 'f90' and 'f95' tools to the list of Fortran compilers searched for by default.

  • Add the +Z option by default when compiling shared objects on HP-UX.

From Chen Lee:

  • Handle Visual Studio project and solution files in Unicode.

From Sanjoy Mahajan:

  • Fix a bad use of Copy() in an example in the man page, and a bad regular expression example in the man page and User's Guide.

From Shannon Mann:

  • Have the Visual Studio project file(s) echo "Starting SCons" before executing SCons, mainly to work around a quote-stripping bug in (some versions of?) the Windows cmd command executor.

From Georg Mischler:

  • Remove the space after the -o option when invoking the Borland BCC compiler; some versions apparently require that the file name argument be concatenated with the option.

From Leanid Nazdrynau:

  • Fix the Java parser's handling of backslashes in strings.

From Greg Noel:

  • Add construction variables to support frameworks on Mac OS X: $FRAMEWORKS, $FRAMEWORKPREFIX, $FRAMEWORKPATH, $FRAMEWORKPATHPREFIX.

  • Re-order link lines so the -o option always comes right after the command name.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add support for Intel C++ beta 9.0 (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

  • Document the new $FRAMEWORK* variables for Mac OS X.

From Karol Pietrzak:

  • Add $RPATH (-R) support to the Sun linker Tool (sunlink).

  • Add a description of env.subst() to the man page.

From Chris Prince:

  • Look in the right directory, not always the local directory, for a same-named file or directory conflict on disk.

  • On Windows, preserve the external environment's %SYSTEMDRIVE% variable, too.

From Craig Scott:

  • Have the Fortran module emitter look for Fortan modules to be created relative to $FORTRANMODDIR, not the top-level directory.

  • When saving Options to a file, run default values through the converter before comparing them with the set values. This correctly suppresses Boolean Option values from getting written to the saved file when they're one of the many synonyms for a default True or False value.

  • Fix the Fortran Scanner's ability to handle a module being used in the same file in which it is defined.

From Steve-o:

  • Add the -KPIC option by default when compiling shared objects on Solaris.

  • Change the default suffix for Solaris objects to .o, to conform to Sun WorkShop's expectations. Change the profix to so_ so they can still be differentiated from static objects in the same directory.

From Amir Szekely:

  • When calling the resource compiler on MinGW, add --include-dir and the source directory so it finds the source file.

  • Update EnsureSConsVersion() to support revision numbers.

From Greg Ward:

  • Fix a misplaced line in the man page.

RELEASE 0.96.90 - Tue, 15 Feb 2005 21:21:12 +0000

NOTE: This was a pre-release of 0.97 for testing purposes.

From Anonymous:

  • Fix Java parsing to avoid erroneously identifying a new array of class instances as an anonymous inner class.

  • Fix a typo in the man page description of PathIsDirCreate.

From Chad Austin:

  • Allow Help() to be called multiple times, appending to the help text each call.

  • Allow Tools found on a toolpath to import Python modules from their local directory.

From Steve Christensen:

  • Handle exceptions from Python functions as build actions.

  • Add a set of canned PathOption validators: PathExists (the default), PathIsFile, PathIsDir and PathIsDirCreate.

From Matthew Doar:

  • Add support for .lex and .yacc file suffixes for Lex and Yacc files.

From Eric Frias:

  • Huge performance improvement: wrap the tuples representing an include path in an object, so that the time it takes to hash the path doesn't grow porportionally to the length of the path.

From Gottfried Ganssauge:

  • Fix SCons on SuSE/AMD-64 Linux by having the wrapper script also check for the build engine in the parent directory of the Python library directory (/usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib).

From Stephen Kennedy:

  • Speed up writing the .sconsign file at the end of a run by only calling sync() once at the end, not after every entry.

From Steven Knight:

  • When compiling with Microsoft Visual Studio, don't include the ATL and MFC directories in the default INCLUDE and LIB environment variables.

  • Remove the following deprecated features: the ParseConfig() global function (deprecated in 0.93); the misspelled "validater" keyword to the Options.Add() method (deprecated in 0.91); the SetBuildSignatureType(), SetContentSignatureType(), SetJobs() and GetJobs() global functions (deprecated in 0.14).

  • Fix problems with corrupting the .sconsign.dblite file when interrupting builds by writing to a temporary file and renaming, not writing the file directly.

  • Fix a 0.96 regression where when running with -k, targets built from walking dependencies later on the command line would not realize that a dependency had failed an earlier build attempt, and would try to rebuild the dependent targets.

  • Change the final messages when using -k and errors occur from "{building,cleaning} terminated because of errors" to "done {building,cleaning} targets (errors occurred during {build,clean})."

  • Allow Configure.CheckFunc() to take an optional header argument (already supported by to specify text at the top of the compiled test file.

  • Fix the --debug=explain output when a Python function action changed so it prints a meaningful string, not the binary representation of the function contents.

  • Allow a ListOption's default value(s) to be a Python list of specified values, not just a string containing a comma-separated list of names.

  • Add a ParseDepends() function that will parse up a list of explicit dependencies from a "make depend" style file.

  • Support the ability to change directory when executing an Action through "chdir" keyword arguments to Action and Builder creation and calls.

  • Fix handling of Action ojects (and other callables that don't match our calling arguments) in construction variable expansions.

  • On Win32, install scons.bat in the Python directory when installing from (The bdist_wininst installer was already doing this.)

  • Fix env.SConscript() when called with a list of SConscipt files. (The SConscript() global function already worked properly.)

  • Add a missing newline to the end of the --debug=explain "unknown reasons" message.

  • Enhance ParseConfig() to work properly for spaces in between the -I, -L and -l options and their arguments.

  • Packaging build fix: Rebuild the files that are use to report the --version of SCons whenever the development version number changes.

  • Fix the ability to specify a target_factory of Dir() to a Builder, which the default create-a-directory Builder was interfering with.

  • Mark a directory as built if it's created as part of the preparation for another target, to avoid trying to build it again when it comes up in the target list.

  • Allow a function with the right calling signature to be put directly in an Environment's BUILDERS dictionary, making for easier creation and use of wrappers (pseudo-Builders) that call other Builders.

  • On Python 2.x, wrap lists of Nodes returned by Builders in a UserList object that adds a method that makes str() object return a string with all of the Nodes expanded to their path names. (Builders under Python 1.5.2 still return lists to avoid TypeErrors when trying to extend() list, so Python 1.5.2 doesn't get pretty-printing of Node lists, but everything should still function.)

  • Allow Aliases to have actions that will be executed whenever any of the expanded Alias targets are out of date.

  • Fix expansion of env.Command() overrides within target and source file names.


  • Add an optional "map" keyword argument to ListOption() that takes a dictionary to map user-specified values to legal values from the list (like EnumOption() already doee).

  • Add specific exceptions to try:-except: blocks without any listed, so that they won't catch and mask keyboard interrupts.

  • Make --debug={tree,dtree,stree} print something even when there's a build failure.

  • Fix how Scanners sort the found dependencies so that it doesn't matter whether the dependency file is in a Repository or not. This may cause recompilations upon upgrade to this version.

  • Make AlwaysBuild() work with Alias and Python value Nodes (making it much simpler to support aliases like "clean" that just invoke an arbitrary action).

  • Have env.ParseConfig() use AppendUnique() by default to suppress duplicate entries from multiple calls. Add a "unique" keyword argument to allow the old behavior to be specified.

  • Allow the library modules imported by an SConscript file to get at all of the normally-available global functions and variables by saying "from SCons.Script import *".

  • Add a --debug=memoizer option to print Memoizer hit/mass statistics.

  • Allow more than one --debug= option to be set at a time.

  • Change --debug=count to report object counts before and after reading SConscript files and before and after building targets.

  • Change --debug=memory output to line up the numbers and to better match (more or less) the headers on the --debug=count columns.

  • Speed things up when there are lists of targets and/or sources by getting rid of some N^2 walks of the lists involved.

  • Cache evaluation of LazyActions so we don't create a new object for each invocation.

  • When scanning, don't create Nodes for include files that don't actually exist on disk.

  • Make supported global variables CScanner, DScanner, ProgramScanner and SourceFileScanner. Make SourceFileScanner.add_scanner() a supported part of the public interface. Keep the old SCons.Defaults.*Scan names around for a while longer since some people were already using them.

  • By default, don't scan directories for on-disk files. Add a DirScanner global scanner that can be used in Builders or Command() calls that want source directory trees scanned for on-disk changes. Have the Tar() and Zip() Builders use the new DirScanner to preserve the behavior of rebuilding a .tar or .zip file if any file or directory under a source tree changes. Add Command() support for a source_scanner keyword argument to Command() that can be set to DirScanner to get this behavior.

  • Documentation changes: Explain that $CXXFLAGS contains $CCFLAGS by default. Fix a bad target_factory example in the man page. Add appendices to the User's Guide to cover the available Tools, Builders and construction variables. Comment out the build of the old Python 10 paper, which doesn't build on all systems and is old enough at this point that it probably isn't worth the effort to make it do so.

From Wayne Lee:

  • Avoid "maximum recursion limit" errors when removing $(-$) pairs from long command lines.

From Clive Levinson:

  • Make ParseConfig() recognize and add -mno-cygwin to $LINKFLAGS and $CCFLAGS, and -mwindows to $LINKFLAGS.

From Michael McCracken:

  • Add a new "applelink" tool to handle the things like Frameworks and bundles that Apple has added to gcc for linking.

  • Use more appropriate default search lists of linkers, compilers and and other tools for the 'darwin' platform.

  • Add a LoadableModule Builder that builds a bundle on Mac OS X (Darwin) and a shared library on other systems.

  • Improve SWIG tests for use on Mac OS X (Darwin).

From Elliot Murphy:

  • Enhance the tests to guarantee persistence of ListOption values in saved options files.

  • Supply the help text when -h is used with the -u, -U or -D options.

From Christian Neeb:

  • Fix the Java parser's handling of string definitions to avoid ignoring subsequent code.

From Han-Wen Nienhuys:

  • Optimize variable expansion by: using the re.sub() method (when possible); not using "eval" for variables for which we can fetch the value directory; avoiding slowing substitution logic when there's no '$' in the string.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add an Environment.Dump() method to print the contents of a construction environment.

  • Allow $LIBS (and similar variables) to contain explicit File Nodes.

  • Change ParseConfig to add the found library names directly to the $LIBS variable, instead of returning them.

  • Add ParseConfig() support for the -framework GNU linker option.

  • Add a PRINT_CMD_LINE_FUNC construction variable to allow people to filter (or log) command-line output.

  • Print an internal Python stack trace in response to an otherwise unexplained error when --debug=stacktrace is specified.

  • Add a --debug=findlibs option to print what's happening when the scanner is searching for libraries.

  • Allow Tool specifications to be passed a dictionary of keyword arguments.

  • Support an Options default value of None, in which case the variable will not be added to the construction environment unless it's set explicitly by the user or from an Options file.

  • Avoid copying builtin values into a construction environment's dictionary when evaluating construction variables.

  • Add a new cross-platform Tool that can detect and configure the Intel C++ v8 compiler on both Windows, where it's named icl, and Linux, where it's named icc. It also checks that the directory specified in the Windows registry exists, and sets a new $INTEL_C_COMPILER_VERSION construction variable to identify the version being used. (Niall Douglas contributed an early prototype of parts of this module.)

  • Fix the private Conftest._Have() function so it doesn't change non-alphanumeric characters to underscores.

  • Supply a better error message when a construction variable expansion has an unknown attribute.

  • Documentation changes: Update the man page to describe use of filenames or Nodes in $LIBS.

From Chris Pawling:

  • Have the linkloc tool use $MSVS_VERSION to select the Microsoft Visual Studio version to use.

From Kevin Quick:

  • Fix the Builder name returned from ListBuilders and other instances of subclasses of the BuilderBase class.

  • Add Builders and construction variables to support rpcgen: RPCGenClient(), RPCGenHeader(), RPCGenService(), RPCGenXDR(), $RPCGEN, $RPCGENFLAGS, $RPCGENCLIENTFLAGS, $RPCGENHEADERFLAGS, $RPCGENSERVICEFLAGS, $RPCGENXDRFLAGS.

  • Update the man page to document that prefix and suffix Builder keyword arguments can be strings, callables or dictionaries.

  • Provide more info in the error message when a user tries to build a target multiple ways.

  • Fix Delete() when a file doesn't exist and must_exist=1. (We were unintentionally dependent on a bug in versions of the Python module prior to Python 2.3, which would generate an exception for a nonexistent file even when ignore_errors was set.)

  • Only replace a Node's builder with a non-null source builder.

  • Fix a stack trace when a suffix selection dictionary is passed an empty source file list.

  • Allow optional names to be attached to Builders, for default Builders that don't get attached to construction environments.

  • Fix problems with Parallel Task Exception handling.

  • Build targets in an associated BuildDir even if there are targets or subdirectories locally in the source directory.

  • If a FunctionAction has a callable class as its underlying Python function, use its strfunction() method (if any) to display the action.

  • Fix handling when BuildDir() exists but is unwriteable. Add "Stop." to those error messages for consistency.

  • Catch incidents of bad builder creation (without an action) and supply meaningful error messages.

  • Fix handling of src_suffix values that aren't extensions (don't begin with a '.').

  • Don't retrieve files from a CacheDir, but report what would happen, when the -n option is used.

  • Use the source_scanner from the target Node, not the source node itself.

  • Internal Scanners fixes: Make sure Scanners are only passed Nodes. Fix how a Scanner.Selector called its base class initialization. Make comparisons of Scanner objects more robust. Add a name to an internal default ObjSourceScanner.

  • Add a deprecated warning for use of the old "scanner" keyword argument to Builder creation.

  • Improve the --debug=explain message when the build action changes.

  • Test enhancements in,, Better Command() and Scanner test coverage. Improved test infrastructure for -c output.

  • Refactor the interface between Action and Executor objects to treat Actions atomically.

  • The --debug=presub option will now report the pre-substitution each action seprately, instead of reporting the entire list before executing the actions one by one.

  • The --debug=explain option explaining a changed action will now (more correctly) show pre-substitution action strings, instead of the commands with substituted file names.

  • A Node (file) will now be rebuilt if its PreAction or PostAction actions change.

  • Python Function actions now have their calling signature (target, source, env) reported correctly when displayed.

  • Fix BuildDir()/build_dir handling when the build_dir is underneath the source directory and trying to use entries from the build_dir as sources for other targets in the build-dir.

  • Fix hard-coding of JDK path names in various Java tests.

  • Handle Python stack traces consistently (stop at the SConscript stack frame, by default) even if the Python source code isn't available.

  • Improve the performance of the --debug={tree,dtree} options.

  • Add --debug=objects logging of creation of OverrideWarner, EnvironmentCopy and EnvironmentOverride objects.

  • Fix command-line expansion of Python Value Nodes.

  • Internal cleanups: Remove an unnecessary scan argument. Associate Scanners only with Builders, not nodes. Apply overrides once when a Builder is called, not in multiple places. Cache results from the Node.FS.get_suffix() and Node.get_build_env() methods. Use the Python md5 modules' hexdigest() method, if there is one. Have Taskmaster call get_stat() once for each Node and re-use the value instead of calling it each time it needs the value. Have Node.depends_on() re-use the list from the children() method instead of calling it multiple times.

  • Use the correct scanner if the same source file is used for targets in two different environments with the same path but different scanners.

  • Collect logic for caching values in memory in a Memoizer class, which cleans up a lot of special-case code in various methods and caches additional values to speed up most configurations.

  • Add a PathAccept validator to the list of new canned PathOption validators.

From Jeff Squyres:

  • Documentation changes: Use $CPPDEFINES instead of $CCFLAGS in man page examples.

From Levi Stephen:

  • Allow $JARCHDIR to be expanded to other construction variables.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Add an Environment.SetDefault() method that only sets values if they aren't already set.

  • Have the Tool not override variables already set by the user.

  • Add separate $QT_BINPATH, $QT_CPPPATH and $QT_LIBPATH variables so these can be set individually, instead of being hard-wired relative to $QTDIR.

  • The %TEMP% and %TMP% external environment variables are now propagated automatically to the command execution environment on Windows systems.

  • A new --config= command-line option allows explicit control of of when the Configure() tests are run: --config=force forces all checks to be run, --config=cache uses all previously cached values, --config=auto (the default) runs tests only when dependency analysis determines it's necessary.

  • The Configure() subsystem can now write a config.h file with values like HAVE_STDIO_H, HAVE_LIBM, etc.

  • The Configure() subsystem now executes its checks silently when the -Q option is specified.

  • The Configure() subsystem now reports if a test result is being taken from cache, and prints the standard output and error output of tests even when cached.

  • Configure() test results are now reported as "yes" or "no" instead of "ok" or "failed."

  • Fixed traceback printing when calling the env.Configure() method instead of the Configure() global function.

  • The Configure() subsystem now caches build failures in a .sconsign file in the subdirectory, not a .cache file. This may cause tests to be re-executed the first time after you install 0.97.

  • Additional significant internal cleanups in the Configure() subsystem and its tests.

  • Have the Qt Builder make uic-generated files dependent on the .ui.h file, if one exists.

  • Add a test to make sure that SCons source code does not contain try:-except: blocks that catch all errors, which potentially catch and mask keyboard interrupts.

  • Fix us of TargetSignatures('content') with the SConf subsystem.

From Russell Yanofsky:

  • Add support for the Metrowerks Codewarrior compiler and linker (mwcc and mwld).

RELEASE 0.96.1 - Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:55:50 +0000

From Craig Bachelor:

  • Handle white space in the executable Python path name within in MSVS project files by quoting the path.

  • Correct the format of a GUID string in a solution (.dsw) file so MSVS can correctly "build enable" a project.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add a must_exist flag to Delete() to let the user control whether it's an error if the specified entry doesn't exist. The default behavior is now to silently do nothing if it doesn't exist.

  • Package up the new Platform/, mistakenly left out of 0.96.

  • Make the scons.bat REM statements into @REM so they aren't printed.

  • Make the SCons packaging SConscript files platform independent.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fix scanning of pre-compiled header (.pch) files for #includes, broken in 0.96.

RELEASE 0.96 - Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:36:40 +0000

From Chad Austin:

  • Make the CacheDir() directory if it doesn't already exist.

  • Allow construction variable substitutions in $LIBS specifications.

  • Allow the emitter argument to a Builder() to be or expand to a list of emitter functions, which will be called in sequence.

  • Suppress null values in construction variables like $LIBS that use the internal _concat() function.

  • Remove .dll files from the construction variables searched for libraries that can be fed to Win32 compilers.

From Chad Austin and Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Add support for a $RPATH variable to supply a list of directories to search for shared libraries when linking a program. Used by the GNU and IRIX linkers (gnulink and sgilink).

From Charles Crain:

  • Restore the ability to do construction variable substitutions in all kinds of *PATH variables, even when the substitution returns a Node or other object.

From Tom Epperly:

  • Allow the Java() Builder to take more than one source directory.

From Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve:

  • Have SConsignFile() use, by default, a custom "" that we can control and guarantee to work on all Python versions (or nearly so).

From Jonathan Gurley:

  • Add support for the newer "ifort" versions of the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux.

From Bob Halley:

  • Make the new *FLAGS variable type work with copied Environments.

From Chris Hoeppler:

  • Initialize the name of a Scanner.Classic scanner correctly.

From James Juhasz:

  • Add support for the .dylib shared library suffix and the -dynamiclib linker option on Mac OS X.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add an Execute() method for executing actions directly.

  • Support passing environment override keyword arguments to Command().

  • Fix use of $MSVS_IGNORE_IDE_PATHS, which was broken when we added support for $MSVS_USE_MFC_DIRS last release.

  • Make env.Append() and env.Prepend() act like the underlying Python behavior when the variable being appended to is a UserList object.

  • Fix a regression that prevented the Command() global function in 0.95 from working with command-line strings as actions.

  • Fix checking out a file from a source code management system when the env.SourceCode() method was called with an individual file name or node, not a directory name or node.

  • Enhance the Task.make_ready() method to create a list of the out-of-date Nodes for the task for use by the wrapping interface.

  • Allow Scanners to pull the list of suffixes from the construction environment when the "skeys" keyword argument is a string containing a construction variable to be expanded.

  • Support new $CPPSUFFIXES, $DSUFFIXES $FORTRANSUFFIXES, and $IDLSUFFIXES. construction variables that contain the default list of suffixes to be scanned by a given type of scanner, allowing these suffix lists to be easily added to or overridden.

  • Speed up Node creation when calling a Builder by comparing whether two Environments are the same object, not if their underlying dictionaries are equivalent.

  • Add a --debug=explain option that reports the reason(s) why SCons thinks it must rebuild something.

  • Add support for functions that return platform-independent Actions to Chmod(), Copy(), Delete(), Mkdir(), Move() and Touch() files and/or directories. Like any other Actions, the returned Action object may be executed directly using the Execute() global function or env.Execute() environment method, or may be used as a Builder action or in an env.Command() action list.

  • Add support for the strfunction argument to all types of Actions: CommandAction, ListAction, and CommandGeneratorAction.

  • Speed up turning file system Nodes into strings by caching the values after we're finished reading the SConscript files.

  • Have ParseConfig() recognize and supporting adding the -Wa, -Wl, and -Wp, flags to ASFLAGS, LINKFLAGS and CPPFLAGS, respectively.

  • Change the .sconsign format and the checks for whether a Node is up-to-date to make dependency checks more efficient and correct.

  • Add wrapper Actions to SCons.Defaults for $ASCOM, $ASPPCOM, $LINKCOM, $SHLINKCOM, $ARCOM, $LEXCOM and $YACCCOM. This makes it possible to replace the default print behavior with a custom strfunction() for each of these.

  • When a Node has been built, don't walk the whole tree back to delete the parents's implicit dependencies, let returning up the normal Taskmaster descent take care of it for us.

  • Add documented support for separate target_scanner and source_scanner arguments to Builder creation, which allows different scanners to be applied to source files

  • Don't re-install or (re-generate) .h files when a subsidiary #included .h file changes. This eliminates incorrect circular dependencies with .h files generated from other source files.

  • Slim down the internal Sig.Calculator class by eliminating methods whose functionality is now covered by Node methods.

  • Document use of the target_factory and source_factory keyword arguments when creating Builder objects. Enhance Dir Nodes so that they can be created with user-specified Builder objects.

  • Don't blow up with stack trace when the external $PATH environment variable isn't set.

  • Make Builder calls return lists all the time, even if there's only one target. This keeps things consistent and easier to program to across platforms.

  • Add a Flatten() function to make it easier to deal with the Builders all returning lists of targets, not individual targets.

  • Performance optimizations in Node.FS.__doLookup().

  • Man page fixes: formatting typos, misspellings, bad example.

  • User's Guide fixes: Fix the signatures of the various example *Options() calls. Triple-quote properly a multi-line Split example.

  • User's Guide additions: Chapter describing File and Directory Nodes. Section describing declarative nature of SCons functions in SConscript files. Better organization and clarification of points raised by Robert P. J. Day. Chapter describing SConf (Autoconf-like) functionality. Chapter describing how to install Python and SCons. Chapter describing Java builds.

From Chris Murray:

  • Add a .win32 attribute to force file names to expand with Windows backslash path separators.

  • Fix escaping file names on command lines when the expansion is concatenated with another string.

  • Add support for Fortran 90 and Fortran 95. This adds $FORTRAN* variables that specify a default compiler, command-line, flags, etc. for all Fortran versions, plus separate $F90* and $F95* variables for when different compilers/flags/etc. must be specified for different Fortran versions.

  • Have individual tools that create libraries override the default $LIBPREFIX and $LIBSUFFIX values set by the platform. This makes it easier to use Microsoft Visual Studio tools on a CygWin platform.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add a --debug=presub option to print actions prior to substitution.

  • Add a warning upon use of the override keywords "targets" and "sources" when calling Builders. These are usually mistakes which are otherwise silently (and confusingly) turned into construction variable overrides.

  • Try to find the ICL license file path name in the external environment and the registry before resorting to the hard-coded path name.

  • Add support for fetching command-line keyword=value arguments in order from an ARGLIST list.

  • Avoid stack traces when trying to read dangling symlinks.

  • Treat file "extensions" that only contain digits as part of the file basename. This supports version numbers as part of shared library names, for example.

  • Avoid problems when there are null entries (None or '') in tool lists or CPPPATH.

  • Add an example and explanation of how to use "tools = ['default', ..." when creating a construction environment.

  • Add a section describing File and Directory Nodes and some of their attributes and methods.

  • Have ParseConfig() add a returned -pthread flag to both $CCFLAGS and $LINKFLAGS.

  • Fix some test portability issues on Mac OS X (darwin).

From Simon Perkins:

  • Fix a bug introduced in building shared libraries under MinGW.

From Kevin Quick:

  • Handling SCons exceptions according to Pythonic standards.

  • Fix test/ on systems that execute within one second.

  • Fix tests on systems where 'ar' warns about archive creation.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fix use of the --implicit-cache option with timestamp signatures.

  • If Visual Studio is installed, assume the C/C++ compiler, the linker and the MIDL compiler that comes with it are available, too.

  • Better error messages when evaluating a construction variable expansion yields a Python syntax error.

  • Change the generation of PDB files when using Visual Studio from compile time to link time.

From sam th:

  • Allow SConf.CheckLib() to search a list of libraries, like the Autoconf AC_SEARCH_LIBS macro.

  • Allow the env.WhereIs() method to take a "reject" argument to let it weed out specific path names.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Add new Moc() and Uic() Builders for more explicit control over Qt builds, plus new construction variables to control them: $QT_AUTOSCAN, $QT_DEBUG, $QT_MOCCXXPREFIX, $QT_MOCCXXSUFFIX, $QT_MOCHPREFIX, $QT_MOCHSUFFIX, $QT_UICDECLPREFIX, $QT_UICDECLSUFFIX, $QT_UICIMPLPREFIX, $QT_UICIMPLSUFFIX and $QT_UISUFFIX.

  • Add a new single_source keyword argument for Builders that enforces a single source file on calls to the Builder.

RELEASE 0.95 - Mon, 08 Mar 2004 06:43:20 -0600

From Chad Austin:

  • Replace print statements with calls to sys.stdout.write() so output lines stay together when -j is used.

  • Add portability fixes for a number of tests.

  • Accomodate the fact that Cygwin's os.path.normcase() lies about the underlying system being case-sensitive.

  • Fix an incorrect _concat() call in the $RCINCFLAGS definition for the mingw Tool.

  • Fix a problem with the msvc tool with Python versions prior to 2.3.

  • Add support for a "toolpath" Tool() and Environment keyword that allows Tool modules to be found in specified local directories.

  • Work around Cygwin Python's silly fiction that it's using a case-sensitive file system.

  • More robust handling of data in VCComponents.dat.

  • If the "env" command is available, spawn commands with the more general "env -" instead of "env -i".

From Kerim Borchaev:

  • Fix a typo in a's registry lookup: "VCComponents.dat", not "VSComponents.dat".

From Chris Burghart:

  • Fix the ability to save/restore a PackageOption to a file.

From Steve Christensen:

  • Update the MSVS .NET and MSVC 6.0/7.0 path detection.

From David M. Cooke:

  • Make the Fortran scanner case-insensitive for the INCLUDE string.

From Charles Crain:

  • If no version of MSVC is detected but the tool is specified, use the MSVC 6.0 paths by default.

  • Ignore any "6.1" version of MSVC found in the registry; this is a phony version number (created by later service packs?) and would throw off the logic if the user had any non-default paths configure.

  • Correctly detect if the user has independently configured the MSVC "include," "lib" or "path" in the registry and use the appropriate values. Previously, SCons would only use the values if all three were set in the registry.

  • Make sure side-effect nodes are prepare() d before building their corresponding target.

  • Preserve the ability to call BuildDir() multiple times with the same target and source directory arguments.

From Andy Friesen:

  • Add support for the Digital Mars "D" programming language.

From Scott Lystig Fritchie:

  • Fix the ability to use a custom _concat() function in the construction environment when calling _stripixes().

  • Make the message about ignoring a missing SConscript file into a suppressable Warning, not a hard-coded sys.stderr.write().

  • If a builder can be called multiple times for a target (because the sources and overrides are identical, or it's a builder with the "multi" flag set), allow the builder to be called through multiple environments so long as the builders have the same signature for the environments in questions (that is, they're the same action).

From Bob Halley:

  • When multiple targets are built by a single action, retrieve all of them from cache, not just the first target, and exec the build command if any of the targets isn't present in the cache.

From Zephaniah Hull:

  • Fix command-line ARGUMENTS with multiple = in them.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix EnsureSConsVersion() so it checks against the SCons version, not the Python version, on Pythons with sys.version_info.

  • Don't swallow the AttributeError when someone uses an expansion like $TARGET.bak, so we can supply a more informative error message.

  • Fix an odd double-quote escape sequence in the man page.

  • Fix looking up a naked drive letter as a directory (Dir('C:')).

  • Support using File nodes in the LIBS construction variable.

  • Allow the LIBS construction variable to be a single string or File node, not a list, when only one library is needed.

  • Fix typos in the man page: JAVACHDIR => JARCHDIR; add "for_signature" to the call() example in the "Variable Substitution" section.

  • Correct error message spellings of "non-existant" to "non-existent."

  • When scanning for libraries to link with, don't append $LIBPREFIXES or $LIBSUFFIXES values to the $LIBS values if they're already present.

  • Add a ZIPCOMPRESSION construction variable to control whether the internal Python action for the Zip Builder compresses the file or not. The default value is zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED, which generates a compressed file.

  • Refactor construction variable expansion to support recursive expansion of variables (e.g. CCFLAGS = "$CCFLAGS -g") without going into an infinite loop. Support this in all construction variable overrides, as well as when copying Environments.

  • Fix calling Configure() from more than one subsidiary SConscript file.

  • Fix the env.Action() method so it returns the correct type of Action for its argument(s).

  • Fix specifying .class files as input to JavaH with the .class suffix when they weren't generated using the Java Builder.

  • Make the check for whether all of the objects going into a SharedLibrary() are shared work even if the object was built in a previous run.

  • Supply meaningful error messages, not stack traces, if we try to add a non-Node as a source, dependency, or ignored dependency of a Node.

  • Generate MSVS Project files that re-invoke SCons properly regardless of whether the file was built via scons.bat or (Thanks to Niall Douglas for contributing code and testing.)

  • Fix, and specific tests to accomodate being run from directories whose paths include white space.

  • Provide a more useful error message if a construction variable expansion contains a syntax error during evaluation.

  • Fix transparent checkout of implicit dependency files from SCCS and RCS.

  • Added new --debug=count, --debug=memory and --debug=objects options. --debug=count and --debug=objects only print anything when run under Python 2.1 or later.

  • Deprecate the "overrides" keyword argument to Builder() creation in favor of using keyword argument values directly (like we do for builder execution and the like).

  • Always use the Builder overrides in substitutions, not just if there isn't a target-specific environment.

  • Add new "rsrcpath" and "rsrcdir" and attributes to $TARGET/$SOURCE, so Builder command lines can find things in Repository source directories when using BuildDir.

  • Fix the M4 Builder so that it chdirs to the Repository directory when the input file is in the source directory of a BuildDir.

  • Save memory at build time by allowing Nodes to delete their build environments after they've been built.

  • Add AppendUnique() and PrependUnique() Environment methods, which add values to construction variables like Append() and Prepend() do, but suppress any duplicate elements in the list.

  • Allow the 'qt' tool to still be used successfully from a copied Environment. The include and library directories previously ended up having the same string re-appended to the end, yielding an incorrect path name.

  • Supply a more descriptive error message when the source for a target can't be found.

  • Initialize all *FLAGS variables with objects do the right thing with appending flags as strings or lists.

  • Make things like ${TARGET.dir} work in *PATH construction variables.

  • Allow a $MSVS_USE_MFC_DIRS construction variable to control whether ATL and MFC directories are included in the default INCLUDE and LIB paths.

  • Document the dbm_module argument to the SConsignFile() function.

From Vincent Risi:

  • Add support for the bcc32, ilink32 and tlib Borland tools.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Supply an error message if the user tries to configure a BuildDir for a directory that already has one.

  • Remove documentation of the still-unimplemented -e option.

  • Add -H help text listing the legal --debug values.

  • Don't choke if a construction variable is a non-string value.

  • Build Type Libraries in the target directory, not the source directory.

  • Add an appendix to the User's Guide showing how to accomplish various common tasks in Python.

From Greg Spencer:

  • Add support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (version 7.1).

  • Evaluate $MSVSPROJECTSUFFIX and $MSVSSOLUTIONSUFFIX when the Builder is invoked, not when the tool is initialized.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • When compiling Qt, make sure the moc_*.cc files are compiled using the flags from the environment used to specify the target, not the environment that first has the Qt Builders attached.

RELEASE 0.94 - Fri, 07 Nov 2003 05:29:48 -0600

From Hartmut Goebel:

  • Add several new types of canned functions to help create options: BoolOption(), EnumOption(), ListOption(), PackageOption(), PathOption().

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix use of CPPDEFINES with C++ source files.

  • Fix env.Append() when the operand is an object with a cmp() method (like a Scanner instance).

  • Fix subclassing the Environment and Scanner classes.


From Steve Leblanc:

  • SGI fixes: Fix C++ compilation, add a separate Tool/ module.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix how the man page un-indents after examples in some browsers.

From Vincent Risi:

  • Fix the C and C++ tool specifications for AIX.

RELEASE 0.93 - Thu, 23 Oct 2003 07:26:55 -0500

From J.T. Conklin:

  • On POSIX, execute commands with the more modern os.spawnvpe() function, if it's available.

  • Scan .S, .spp and .SPP files for C preprocessor dependencies.

  • Refactor the Job.Parallel() class to use a thread pool without a condition variable. This improves parallel build performance and handles keyboard interrupts properly when -j is used.

From Charles Crain:

  • Add support for a JARCHDIR variable to control changing to a directory using the jar -C option.

  • Add support for detecting Java manifest files when using jar, and specifying them using the jar m flag.

  • Fix some Python 2.2 specific things in various tool modules.

  • Support directories as build sources, so that a rebuild of a target can be triggered if anything underneath the directory changes.

  • Have the scons.bat and files look for the SCons modules in site-packages as well.

From Christian Engel:

  • Support more flexible inclusion of separate C and C++ compilers.

  • Use package management tools on AIX and Solaris to find where the comilers are installed, and what version they are.

  • Add support for CCVERSION and CXXVERSION variables for a number of C and C++ compilers.

From Sergey Fogel:

  • Add test cases for the new capabilities to run bibtex and to rerun latex as needed.

From Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve:

  • Accomodate anydbm modules that don't have a sync() method.

  • Allow SConsignFile() to take an argument specifying the DBM module to be used.

From Stephen Kennedy:

  • Add support for a configurable global .sconsign.dbm file which can be used to avoid cluttering each directory with an individual .sconsign file.

From John Johnson:

  • Fix (re-) scanning of dependencies in generated or installed header files.

From Steven Knight:

  • The -Q option suppressed too many messages; fix it so that it only suppresses the Reading/Building messages.

  • Support #include when there's no space before the opening quote or angle bracket.

  • Accomodate alphanumeric version strings in EnsurePythonVersion().

  • Support arbitrary expansion of construction variables within file and directory arguments to Builder calls and Environment methods.

  • Add Environment-method versions of the following global functions: Action(), AddPostAction(), AddPreAction(), Alias(), Builder(), BuildDir(), CacheDir(), Clean(), Configure(), Default(), EnsurePythonVersion(), EnsureSConsVersion(), Environment(), Exit(), Export(), FindFile(), GetBuildPath(), GetOption(), Help(), Import(), Literal(), Local(), Platform(), Repository(), Scanner(), SConscriptChdir(), SConsignFile(), SetOption(), SourceSignatures(), Split(), TargetSignatures(), Tool(), Value().

  • Add the following global functions that correspond to the same-named Environment methods: AlwaysBuild(), Command(), Depends(), Ignore(), Install(), InstallAs(), Precious(), SideEffect() and SourceCode().

  • Add the following global functions that correspond to the default Builder methods supported by SCons: CFile(), CXXFile(), DVI(), Jar(), Java(), JavaH(), Library(), M4(), MSVSProject(), Object(), PCH(), PDF(), PostScript(), Program(), RES(), RMIC(), SharedLibrary(), SharedObject(), StaticLibrary(), StaticObject(), Tar(), TypeLibrary() and Zip().

  • Rearrange the man page to show construction environment methods and global functions in the same list, and to explain the difference.

  • Alphabetize the explanations of the builder methods in the man page.

  • Rename the Environment.Environment class to Enviroment.Base. Allow the wrapping interface to extend an Environment by using its own subclass of Environment.Base and setting a new Environment.Environment variable as the calling entry point.

  • Deprecate the ParseConfig() global function in favor of a same-named construction environment method.

  • Allow the Environment.WhereIs() method to take explicit path and pathext arguments (like the underlying SCons.Util.WhereIs() function).

  • Remove the long-obsolete {Get,Set}CommandHandler() functions.

  • Enhance env.Append() to suppress null values when appropriate.

  • Fix ParseConfig() so it works regardless of initial construction variable values.

    Extend CheckHeader(), CheckCHeader(), CheckCXXHeader() and CheckLibWithHeader() to accept a list of header files that will be #included in the test. The last one in the list is assumed to be the one being checked for. (Prototype code contributed by Gerard Patel and Niall Douglas).

  • Supply a warning when -j is used and threading isn't built in to the current version of Python.

  • First release of the User's Guide (finally, and despite a lot of things still missing from it...).

From Clark McGrew:

  • Generalize the action for .tex files so that it will decide whether a file is TeX or LaTeX, check the .aux output to decide if it should run bibtex, and check the .log output to re-run LaTeX if needed.

From Bram Moolenaar:

  • Split the non-SCons-specific functionality from to a new, re-usable module.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Allow a directory to be the target or source or dependency of a Depends(), Ignore(), Precious() or SideEffect() call.

From Gerard Patel:

  • Use the %{_mandir} macro when building our RPM package.

From Marko Rauhamaa:

  • Have the closing message say "...terminated because of errors" if there were any.

From Anthony Roach:

  • On Win32 systems, only use "rm" to delete files if Cygwin is being used. ("rm" doesn't understand Win32-format path names.)

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Fix test/ to find the Python include directory in all cases.

  • Fix a bug in detection of Qt installed on the local system.

  • Support returning Python 2.3 BooleanType values from Configure checks.

  • Provide an error message if someone mistakenly tries to call a Configure check from within a Builder function.

  • Support calling a Builder when a Configure context is still open.

  • Handle interrupts better by eliminating all try:-except: blocks which caught any and all exceptions, including KeyboardInterrupt.

  • Add a --duplicate= option to control how files are duplicated.

RELEASE 0.92 - Wed, 20 Aug 2003 03:45:28 -0500

From Charles Crain and Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Fix Tool import problems with the Intel and PharLap linkers.

From Steven Knight

  • Refactor the DictCmdGenerator class to be a Selector subclass.

  • Allow the DefaultEnvironment() function to take arguments and pass them to instantiation of the default construction environment.

  • Update the Debian package so it uses Python 2.2 and more closely resembles the currently official Debian packaging info.

From Gerard Patel

  • When the yacc -d flag is used, take the .h file base name from the target .c file, not the source (matching what yacc does).

RELEASE 0.91 - Thu, 14 Aug 2003 13:00:44 -0500

From Chad Austin:

  • Support specifying a list of tools when calling Environment.Copy().

  • Give a Value Nodes a timestamp of the system time when they're created, so they'll work when using timestamp-based signatures.

  • Add a DefaultEnvironment() function that only creates a default environment on-demand (for fetching source files, e.g.).

  • Portability fix for test/

From Steven Knight:

  • Tighten up the scons -H help output.

  • When the input yacc file ends in .yy and the -d flag is specified, recognize that a .hpp file (not a .h file) will be created.

  • Make builder prefixes work correctly when deducing a target from a source file name in another directory.

  • Documentation fixes: typo in the man page; explain up-front about not propagating the external environment.

  • Use "cvs co -d" instead of "cvs co -p >" when checking out something from CVS with a specified module name. This avoids zero-length files when there is a checkout error.

  • Add an "sconsign" script to print the contents of .sconsign files.

  • Speed up maintaining the various lists of Node children by using dictionaries to avoid "x in list" searches.

  • Cache the computed list of Node children minus those being Ignored so it's only calculated once.

  • Fix use of the --cache-show option when building a Program() (or using any other arbitrary action) by making sure all Action instances have strfunction() methods.

  • Allow the source of Command() to be a directory.

  • Better error handling of things like raw TypeErrors in SConscripts.

  • When installing using " install --prefix=", suppress the distutils warning message about adding the (incorrect) library directory to your search path.

  • Correct the spelling of the "validater" option to "validator." Add a DeprecatedWarning when the old spelling is used.

  • Allow a Builder's emitter to be a dictionary that maps source file suffixes to emitter functions, using the suffix of the first file in the source list to pick the right one.

  • Refactor the creation of the Program, *Object and *Library Builders so that they're moved out of SCons.Defaults and created on demand.

  • Don't split SConscript file names on white space.

  • Document the SConscript function's "dirs" and "name" keywords.

  • Remove the internal (and superfluous) SCons.Util.argmunge() function.

  • Add /TP to the default CXXFLAGS for msvc, so it can compile all of the suffixes we use as C++ files.

  • Allow the "prefix" and "suffix" attributes of a Builder to be callable objects that return generated strings, or dictionaries that map a source file suffix to the right prefix/suffix.

  • Support a MAXLINELINELENGTH construction variable on Win32 systems to control when a temporary file is used for long command lines.

  • Make how we build .rpm packages not depend on the installation locations from the distutils being used.

  • When deducing a target Node, create it directly from the first source Node, not by trying to create the right string to pass to arg2nodes().

  • Add support for SWIG.

From Bram Moolenaar:

  • Test portability fixes for FreeBSD.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Report the target being built in error messages when building multiple sources from different extensions, or when the target file extension can't be deduced, or when we don't have an action for a file suffix.

  • Provide helpful error messages when the arguments to env.Install() are incorrect.

  • Fix the value returned by the Node.prevsiginfo() method to conform to a previous change when checking whether a node is current.

  • Supply a stack trace if the Taskmaster catches an exception.

  • When using a temporary file for a long link line on Win32 systems, (also) print the command line that is being executed through the temporary file.

  • Initialize the LIB environment variable when using the Intel compiler (icl).

  • Documentation fixes: better explain the AlwaysBuild() function.

From Laurent Pelecq:

  • When the -debug=pdb option is specified, use pdb.Pdb().runcall() to call pdb directly, don't call Python recursively.

From Ben Scott:

  • Add support for a platform-independent CPPDEFINES variable.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Have the g++ Tool actually use g++ in preference to c++.

  • Have the gcc Tool actually use gcc in preference to cc.

  • Add a test of the GNU tool chain.

  • Be smarter about linking: use $CC by default and $CXX only if we're linking with any C++ objects.

  • Avoid SCons hanging when a piped command has a lot of output to read.

  • Add QT support for preprocessing .ui files into .c files.

RELEASE 0.90 - Wed, 25 Jun 2003 14:24:52 -0500

From Chad Austin:

  • Fix the _concat() documentation, and add a test for it.

  • Portability fixes for non-GNU versions of lex and yacc.

From Matt Balvin:

  • Fix handling of library prefixes when the subdirectory matches the prefix.

From Timothee Bessett:

  • Add an M4 Builder.

From Charles Crain:

  • Use '.lnk' as the suffix on the temporary file for linking long command lines (necessary for the Phar Lap linkloc linker).

  • Save non-string Options values as their actual type.

  • Save Options string values that contain a single quote correctly.

  • Save any Options values that are changed from the default Environment values, not just ones changed on the command line or in an Options file.

  • Make closing the Options file descriptor exception-safe.

From Steven Knight:

  • SCons now enforces (with an error) that construction variables must have the same form as valid Python identifiers.

  • Fix man page bugs: remove duplicate AddPostAction() description; document no_import_lib; mention that CPPFLAGS does not contain $_CPPINCFLAGS; mention that F77FLAGS does not contain $_F77INCFLAGS; mention that LINKFLAGS and SHLINKFLAGS contains neither $_LIBFLAGS nor $_LIBDIRFLAGS.

  • Eliminate a dependency on the distutils.fancy_getopt module by copying and pasting its wrap_text() function directly.

  • Make the Script.Options() subclass match the underlying base class implementation.

  • When reporting a target is up to date, quote the target like make (backquote-quote) instead of with double quotes.

  • Fix handling of ../* targets when using -U, -D or -u.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Don't update the .sconsign files when run with -n.

From Gary Oberbrunner:

  • Add support for the Intel C Compiler (icl.exe).

From Anthony Roach

  • Fix Import('*').

From David Snopek

  • Fix use of SConf in paths with white space in them.

  • Add CheckFunc and CheckType functionality to SConf.

  • Fix use of SConf with Builders that return a list of nodes.

From David Snopek and Christoph Wiedemann

  • Fix use of the SConf subsystem with SConscriptChdir().

From Greg Spencer

  • Check for the existence of MS Visual Studio on disk before using it, to avoid getting fooled by leftover junk in the registry.

  • Add support for MSVC++ .NET.

  • Add support for MS Visual Studio project files (DSP, DSW, SLN and VCPROJ files).

From Christoph Wiedemann

  • SConf now works correctly when the -n and -q options are used.

RELEASE 0.14 - Wed, 21 May 2003 05:16:32 -0500

From Chad Austin:

  • Use .dll (not .so) for shared libraries on Cygwin; use -fPIC when compiling them.

  • Use 'rm' to remove files under Cygwin.

  • Add a PLATFORM variable to construction environments.

  • Remove the "platform" argument from tool specifications.

  • Propogate PYTHONPATH when running the regression tests so distutils can be found in non-standard locations.

  • Using MSVC long command-line linking when running Cygwin.

  • Portability fixes for a lot of tests.

  • Add a Value Node class for dependencies on in-core Python values.

From Allen Bierbaum:

  • Pass an Environment to the Options validator method, and add an Options.Save() method.

From Steve Christensen:

  • Add an optional sort function argument to the GenerateHelpText() Options function.

  • Evaluate the "varlist" variables when computing the signature of a function action.

From Charles Crain:

  • Parse the source .java files for class names (including inner class names) to figure out the target .class files that will be created.

  • Make Java support work with Repositories and SConscriptChdir(0).

  • Pass Nodes, not strings, to Builder emitter functions.

  • Refactor command-line interpolation and signature calculation so we can use real Node attributes.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add Java support (javac, javah, jar and rmic).

  • Propagate the external SYSTEMROOT environment variable into ENV on Win32 systems, so external commands that use sockets will work.

  • Add a .posix attribute to PathList expansions.

  • Check out CVS source files using POSIX path names (forward slashes as separators) even on Win32.

  • Add Node.clear() and Node.FS.Entry.clear() methods to wipe out a Node's state, allowing it to be re-evaluated by continuous integration build interfaces.

  • Change the name of the Set{Build,Content}SignatureType() functions to {Target,Source}Signatures(). Deprecate the old names but support them for backwards compatibility.

  • Add internal SCons.Node.FS.{Dir,File}.Entry() methods.

  • Interpolate the null string if an out-of-range subscript is used for a construction variable.

  • Fix the internal Link function so that it properly links or copies files in subsidiary BuildDir directories.

  • Refactor the internal representation of a single execution instance of an action to eliminate redundant signature calculations.

  • Eliminate redundant signature calculations for Nodes.

  • Optimize out calling hasattr() before accessing attributes.

  • Say "Cleaning targets" (not "Building...") when the -c option is used.

From Damyan Pepper:

  • Quote the "Entering directory" message like Make.

From Stefan Reichor:

  • Add support for using Ghostscript to convert Postscript to PDF files.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Add a standalone "Alias" function (separate from an Environment).

  • Make Export() work for local variables.

  • Support passing a dictionary to Export().

  • Support Import('*') to import everything that's been Export() ed.

  • Fix an undefined exitvalmap on Win32 systems.

  • Support new SetOption() and GetOption() functions for setting various command-line options from with an SConscript file.

  • Deprecate the old SetJobs() and GetJobs() functions in favor of using the new generic {Set,Get}Option() functions.

  • Fix a number of tests that searched for a Fortran compiler using the external PATH instead of what SCons would use.

  • Fix the interaction of SideEffect() and BuildDir() so that (for example) PDB files get put correctly in a BuildDir().

From David Snopek:

  • Contribute the "Autoscons" code for Autoconf-like checking for the existence of libraries, header files and the like.

  • Have the Tool() function add the tool name to the $TOOLS construction variable.

From Greg Spencer:

  • Support the C preprocessor #import statement.

  • Allow the SharedLibrary() Builder on Win32 systems to be able to register a newly-built dll using regsvr32.

  • Add a Builder for Windows type library (.tlb) files from IDL files.

  • Add an IDL scanner.

  • Refactor the Fortran, C and IDL scanners to share common logic.

  • Add .srcpath and .srcdir attributes to $TARGET and $SOURCE.

From Christoph Wiedemann:

  • Integrate David Snopek's "Autoscons" code as the new SConf configuration subsystem, including caching of values between runs (using normal SCons dependency mechanisms), tests, and documentation.

RELEASE 0.13 - Mon, 31 Mar 2003 20:22:00 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Fix a bug when BuildDir(duplicate=0) is used and SConscript files are called from within other SConscript files.

  • Support (older) versions of Perforce which don't set the Windows registry.

RELEASE 0.12 - Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:52:09 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Added support for the Perforce source code management system.

  • Fix str(Node.FS) so that it returns a path relative to the calling SConscript file's directory, not the top-level directory.

  • Added support for a separate src_dir argument to SConscript() that allows explicit specification of where the source files for an SConscript file can be found.

  • Support more easily re-usable flavors of command generators by calling callable variables when strings are expanded.

From Steven Knight:

  • Added an INSTALL construction variable that can be set to a function to control how the Install() and InstallAs() Builders install files. The default INSTALL function now copies, not links, files.

  • Remove deprecated features: the "name" argument to Builder objects, and the Environment.Update() method.

  • Add an Environment.SourceCode() method to support fetching files from source code systems. Add factory methods that create Builders to support BitKeeper, CVS, RCS, and SCCS. Add support for fetching files from RCS or SCCS transparently (like GNU Make).

  • Make the internal to_String() function more efficient.

  • Make the error message the same as other build errors when there's a problem unlinking a target file in preparation for it being built.

  • Make TARGET, TARGETS, SOURCE and SOURCES reserved variable names and warn if the user tries to set them in a construction environment.

  • Add support for Tar and Zip files.

  • Better documentation of the different ways to export variables to a subsidiary SConscript file. Fix documentation bugs in a tools example, places that still assumed SCons split strings on white space, and typos.

  • Support fetching arbitrary files from the TARGETS or SOURCES lists (e.g. ${SOURCES[2]}) when calculating the build signature of a command.

  • Don't silently swallow exceptions thrown by Scanners (or other exceptions while finding a node's dependent children).

  • Push files to CacheDir() before calling the superclass built() method (which may clear the build signature as part of clearing cached implicit dependencies, if the file has a source scanner). (Bug reported by Jeff Petkau.)

  • Raise an internal error if we attempt to push a file to CacheDir() with a build signature of None.

  • Add an explicit Exit() function for terminating early.

  • Change the documentation to correctly describe that the -f option doesn't change to the directory in which the specified file lives.

  • Support changing directories locally with SConscript directory path names relative to any SConstruct file specified with -f. This allows you to build in another directory by simply changing there and pointing at the SConstruct file in another directory.

  • Change the default SConscriptChdir() behavior to change to the SConscript directory while it's being read.

  • Fix an exception thrown when the -U option was used with no Default() target specified.

  • Fix -u so that it builds things in corresponding build directories when used in a source directory.

From Lachlan O'Dea:

  • Add SharedObject() support to the masm tool.

  • Fix WhereIs() to return normalized paths.

From Jeff Petkau:

  • Don't copy a built file to a CacheDir() if it's already there.

  • Avoid partial copies of built files in a CacheDir() by copying to a temporary file and renaming.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fix incorrect dependency-cycle errors when an Aliased source doesn't exist.

RELEASE 0.11 - Tue, 11 Feb 2003 05:24:33 -0600

From Chad Austin:

  • Add support for IRIX and the SGI MIPSPro tool chain.

  • Support using the MSVC tool chain when running Cygwin Python.

From Michael Cook:

  • Avoid losing signal bits in the exit status from a command, helping terminate builds on interrupt (CTRL+C).

From Charles Crain:

  • Added new AddPreAction() and AddPostAction() functions that support taking additional actions before or after building specific targets.

  • Add support for the PharLap ETS tool chain.

From Steven Knight:

  • Allow Python function Actions to specify a list of construction variables that should be included in the Action's signature.

  • Allow libraries in the LIBS variable to explicitly include the prefix and suffix, even when using the GNU linker. (Bug reported by Neal Becker.)

  • Use DOS-standard CR-LF line endings in the scons.bat file. (Bug reported by Gary Ruben.)

  • Doc changes: Eliminate description of deprecated "name" keyword argument from Builder definition (reported by Gary Ruben).

  • Support using env.Append() on BUILDERS (and other dictionaries). (Bug reported by Bj=F6rn Bylander.)

  • Setting the BUILDERS construction variable now properly clears the previous Builder attributes from the construction Environment. (Bug reported by Bj=F6rn Bylander.)

  • Fix adding a prefix to a file when the target isn't specified. (Bug reported by Esa Ilari Vuokko.)

  • Clean up error messages from problems duplicating into read-only BuildDir directories or into read-only files.

  • Add a CommandAction.strfunction() method, and add an "env" argument to the FunctionAction.strfunction() method, so that all Action objects have strfunction() methods, and the functions for building and returning a string both take the same arguments.

  • Add support for new CacheDir() functionality to share derived files between builds, with related options --cache-disable, --cache-force, and --cache-show.

  • Change the default behavior when no targets are specified to build everything in the current directory and below (like Make). This can be disabled by specifying Default(None) in an SConscript.

  • Revamp SCons installation to fix a case-sensitive installation on Win32 systems, and to add SCons-specific --standard-lib, --standalone-lib, and --version-lib options for easier user control of where the libraries get installed.

  • Fix the ability to directly import and use Platform and Tool modules that have been implicitly imported into an Environment().

  • Add support for allowing an embedding interface to annotate a node when it's created.

  • Extend the SConscript() function to accept build_dir and duplicate keyword arguments that function like a BuildDir() call.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Fix the output of -c -n when directories are involved, so it matches -c.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Use a different shared object suffix (.os) when using gcc so shared and static objects can exist side-by-side in the same directory.

  • Allow the same object files on Win32 to be linked into either shared or static libraries.

  • Cache implicit cache values when using --implicit-cache.

RELEASE 0.10 - Thu, 16 Jan 2003 04:11:46 -0600

From Derrick 'dman' Hudson:

  • Support Repositories on other file systems by symlinking or copying files when hard linking won't work.

From Steven Knight:

  • Remove Python bytecode (*.pyc) files from the scons-local packages.

  • Have FunctionActions print a description of what they're doing (a representation of the Python call).

  • Fix the Install() method so that, like other actions, it prints what would have happened when the -n option is used.

  • Don't create duplicate source files in a BuildDir when the -n option is used.

  • Refactor the Scanner interface to eliminate unnecessary Scanner calls and make it easier to write efficient scanners.

  • Added a "recursive" flag to Scanner creation that specifies the Scanner should be invoked recursively on dependency files returned by the scanner.

  • Significant performance improvement from using a more efficient check, throughout the code, for whether a Node has a Builder.

  • Fix specifying only the source file to MultiStepBuilders such as the Program Builder. (Bug reported by Dean Bair.)

  • Fix an exception when building from a file with the same basename as the subdirectory in which it lives. (Bug reported by Gerard Patel.)

  • Fix automatic deduction of a target file name when there are multiple source files specified; the target is now deduced from just the first source file in the list.

  • Documentation fixes: better initial explanation of SConscript files; fix a misformatted "table" in the StaticObject explanation.

From Steven Knight and Steve Leblanc:

  • Fix the -c option so it will remove symlinks.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Add a Clean() method to support removing user-specified targets when using the -c option.

  • Add a development script for running SCons through PyChecker.

  • Clean up things found by PyChecker (mostly unnecessary imports).

  • Add a script to use HappyDoc to create HTML class documentation.

From Lachlan O'Dea:

  • Make the Environment.get() method return None by default.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Add SetJobs() and GetJobs() methods to allow configuration of the number of default jobs (still overridden by -j).

  • Convert the .sconsign file format from ASCII to a pickled Python data structure.

  • Error message cleanups: Made consistent the format of error messages (now all start with "scons: ***") and warning messages (now all start with "scons: warning:"). Caught more cases with the "Do not know how to build" error message.

  • Added support for the MinGW tool chain.

  • Added a --debug=includes option.

RELEASE 0.09 - Thu, 5 Dec 2002 04:48:25 -0600

From Chad Austin:

  • Add a Prepend() method to Environments, to append values to the beginning of construction variables.

From Matt Balvin:

  • Add long command-line support to the "lib" Tool (Microsoft library archiver), too.

From Charles Crain:

  • Allow $$ in a string to be passed through as $.

  • Support file names with odd characters in them.

  • Add support for construction variable substition on scanner directories (in CPPPATH, F77PATH, LIBPATH, etc.).

From Charles Crain and Steven Knight:

  • Add Repository() functionality, including the -Y option.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix auto-deduction of target names so that deduced targets end up in the same subdirectory as the source.

  • Don't remove source files specified on the command line!

  • Suport the Intel Fortran Compiler (ifl.exe).

  • Supply an error message if there are no command-line or Default() targets specified.

  • Fix the ASPPCOM values for the GNU assembler. (Bug reported by Brett Polivka.)

  • Fix an exception thrown when a Default() directory was specified when using the -U option.

  • Issue a warning when -c can't remove a target.

  • Eliminate unnecessary Scanner calls by checking for the existence of a file before scanning it. (This adds a generic hook to check an arbitrary condition before scanning.)

  • Add explicit messages to tell when we're "Reading SConscript files ...," "done reading SConscript files," "Building targets," and "done building targets." Add a -Q option to supress these.

  • Add separate $SHOBJPREFIX and $SHOBJSUFFIX construction variables (by default, the same as $OBJPREFIX and $OBJSUFFIX).

  • Add Make-like error messages when asked to build a source file, and before trying to build a file that doesn't have all its source files (including when an invalid drive letter is used on WIN32).

  • Add an scons-local-{version} package (in both .tar.gz and .zip flavors) to help people who want to ship SCons as a stand-alone build tool in their software packages.

  • Prevent SCons from unlinking files in certain situations when the -n option is used.

  • Change the name of Tool/ to Tool/

From Steven Knight and Anthony Roach:

  • Man page: document the fact that Builder calls return Node objects.

From Steve LeBlanc:

  • Refactor option processing to use our own version of Greg Ward's Optik module, modified to run under Python 1.5.2.

  • Add a ParseConfig() command to modify an environment based on parsing output from a *-config command.

From Jeff Petkau:

  • Fix interpretation of '#/../foo' on Win32 systems.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fixed use of command lines with spaces in their arguments, and use of Nodes with spaces in their string representation.

  • Make access and modification times of files in a BuildDir match the source file, even when hard linking isn't available.

  • Make -U be case insensitive on Win32 systems.

  • Issue a warning and continue when finding a corrupt .sconsign file.

  • Fix using an alias as a dependency of a target so that if one of the alias' dependencies gets rebuilt, the resulting target will, too.

  • Fix differently ordered targets causing unnecessary rebuilds on case insensitive systems.

  • Use os.system() to execute external commands whenever the "env" utility is available, which is much faster than fork()/exec(), and fixes the -j option on several platforms.

  • Fix use of -j with multiple targets.

  • Add an Options() object for friendlier accomodation of command- line arguments.

  • Add support for Microsoft VC++ precompiled header (.pch) files, debugger (.pdb) files, and resource (.rc) files.

  • Don't compute the $_CPPINCFLAGS, $_F77INCFLAGS, $_LIBFLAGS and $_LIBDIRFLAGS variables each time a command is executed, define them so they're computed only as needed. Add a new _concat function to the Environment that allows people to define their own similar variables.

  • Fix dependency scans when $LIBS is overridden.

  • Add EnsurePythonVersion() and EnsureSConsVersion() functions.

  • Fix the overly-verbose stack trace on ListBuilder build errors.

  • Add a SetContentSignatureType() function, allowing use of file timestamps instead of MD5 signatures.

  • Make -U and Default('source') fail gracefully.

  • Allow the File() and Dir() methods to take a path-name string as the starting directory, in addition to a Dir object.

  • Allow the command handler to be selected via the SPAWN, SHELL and ESCAPE construction variables.

  • Allow construction variables to be overridden when a Builder is called.

From sam th:

  • Dynamically check for the existence of utilities with which to initialize Environments by default.

RELEASE 0.08 - Mon, 15 Jul 2002 12:08:51 -0500

From Charles Crain:

  • Fixed a bug with relative CPPPATH dirs when using BuildDir(). (Bug reported by Bob Summerwill.)

  • Added a warnings framework and a --warn option to enable or disable warnings.

  • Make the C scanner warn users if files referenced by #include directives cannot be found and --warn=dependency is specified.

  • The BUILDERS construction variable should now be a dictionary that maps builder names to actions. Existing uses of lists, and the Builder name= keyword argument, generate warnings about use of deprecated features.

  • Removed the "shared" keyword argument from the Object and Library builders.

  • Added separated StaticObject, SharedObject, StaticLibrary and SharedLibrary builders. Made Object and Library synonyms for StaticObject and StaticLibrary, respectively.

  • Add LIBS and LIBPATH dependencies for shared libraries.

  • Removed support for the prefix, suffix and src_suffix arguments to Builder() to be callable functions.

  • Fix handling file names with multiple dots.

  • Allow a build directory to be outside of the SConstruct tree.

  • Add a FindFile() function that searches for a file node with a specified name.

  • Add $CPPFLAGS to the shared-object command lines for g++ and gcc.

From Charles Crain and Steven Knight:

  • Add a "tools=" keyword argument to Environment instantiation, and a separate Tools() method, for more flexible specification of tool-specific environment changes.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add a "platform=" keyword argument to Environment instantiation, and a separate Platform() method, for more flexible specification of platform-specific environment changes.

  • Updated README instructions and code to catch an installation failure from not having distutils installed.

  • Add descriptions to the -H help text for -D, -u and -U so people can tell them apart.

  • Remove the old feature of automatically splitting strings of file names on white space.

  • Add a dependency Scanner for native Fortran "include" statements, using a new "F77PATH" construction variable.

  • Fix C #include scanning to detect file names with characters like '-' in them.

  • Add more specific version / build output to the -v option.

  • Add support for the GNU as, Microsoft masm, and nasm assemblers.

  • Allow the "target" argument to a Builder call to be omitted, in which case the target(s) are deduced from the source file(s) and the Builder's specified suffix.

  • Add a tar archive builder.

  • Add preliminary support for the OS/2 Platform, including the icc and ilink Tools.

From Jeff Petkau:

  • Fix --implicit-cache if the scanner returns an empty list.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Add a "multi" keyword argument to Builder creation that specifies it's okay to call the builder multiple times for a target.

  • Set a "multi" on Aliases so multiple calls will append to an Alias.

  • Fix emitter functions' use of path names when using BuildDir or in subdirectories.

  • Fix --implicit-cache causing redundant rebuilds when the header file list changed.

  • Fix --implicit-cache when a file has no implicit dependencies and its source is generated.

  • Make the drive letters on Windows always be the same case, so that changes in the case of drive letters don't cause a rebuild.

  • Fall back to importing the SCons.TimeStamp module if the SCons.MD5 module can't be imported.

  • Fix interrupt handling to guarantee that a single interrupt will halt SCons both when using -j and not.

  • Fix .sconsign signature storage so that output files of one build can be safely used as input files to another build.

  • Added a --debug=time option to print SCons execution times.

  • Print an error message if a file can't be unlinked before being built, rather than just silently terminating the build.

  • Add a SideEffect() method that can be used to tell the build engine that a given file is created as a side effect of building a target. A file can be specified as a side effect of more than one build comand, in which case the commands will not be executed simultaneously.

  • Significant performance gains from not using our own version of the inefficient stock os.path.splitext() method, caching source suffix computation, code cleanup in, and replicating some logic in scons_subst().

  • Add --implicit-deps-changed and --implicit-deps-unchanged options.

  • Add a GetLaunchDir() function.

  • Add a SetBuildSignatureType() function.

From Zed Shaw:

  • Add an Append() method to Environments, to append values to construction variables.

  • Change the name of Update() to Replace(). Keep Update() as a deprecated synonym, at least for now.

From Terrel Shumway:

  • Use a $PYTHON construction variable, initialized to sys.executable, when using Python to build parts of the SCons packages.

  • Use sys.prefix, not sys.exec_prefix, to find

RELEASE 0.07 - Thu, 2 May 2002 13:37:16 -0500

From Chad Austin:

  • Changes to build SCons packages on IRIX (and other *NIces).

  • Don't create a directory Node when a file already exists there, and vice versa.

  • Add 'dirs' and 'names' keyword arguments to SConscript for easier specification of subsidiary SConscript files.

From Charles Crain:

  • Internal cleanup of environment passing to function Actions.

  • Builders can now take arbitrary keyword arguments to create attributes to be passed to: command generator functions, FunctionAction functions, Builder emitter functions (below), and prefix/suffix generator functions (below).

  • Command generator functions can now return ANYTHING that can be converted into an Action (a function, a string, a CommandGenerator instance, even an ActionBase instance).

  • Actions now call get_contents() with the actual target and source nodes used for the build.

  • A new DictCmdGenerator class replaces CompositeBuilder to support more flexible Builder behavior internally.

  • Builders can now take an emitter= keyword argument. An emitter is a function that takes target, source, and env argument, then return a 2-tuple of (new sources, new targets). The emitter is called when the Builder is call'ed, allowing a user to modify source and target lists.

  • The prefix, suffix and src_suffix Builder arguments now take a callable as well a string. The callable is passed the Environment and any extra Builder keyword arguments and is expected to return the appropriate prefix or suffix.

  • CommandActions can now be a string, a list of command + argument strings, or a list of commands (strings or lists).

  • Added shared library support. The Object and Library Builders now take a "shared=1" keyword argument to specify that a shared object or shared library should be built. It is an error to try to build static objects into a shared library or vice versa.

  • Win32 support for .def files has been added. Added the Win32-specific construction variables $WIN32DEFPREFIX, $WIN32DEFSUFFIX, $WIN32DLLPREFIX and $WIN32IMPLIBPREFIX. When building a .dll, the new construction variable $WIN32_INSERT_DEF, controls whether the appropriately-named .def file is inserted into the target list (if not already present). A .lib file is always added to a Library build if not present in the list of targets.

  • ListBuilder now passes all targets to the action, not just the first.

  • Fix so that -c now deletes generated yacc .h files.

  • Builder actions and emitter functions can now be initialized, through construction variables, to things other than strings.

  • Make top-relative '#/dir' lookups work like '#dir'.

  • Fix for relative CPPPATH directories in subsidiary SConscript files (broken in 0.06).

  • Add a for_signature argument to command generators, so that generators that need to can return distinct values for the command signature and for executing the command.

From Alex Jacques:

  • Create a better scons.bat file from a script on the Python mailing list two years ago (modeled after

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix so that -c -n does not remove the targets!

  • Man page: Add a hierarchical libraries + Program example.

  • Support long MSVC linker command lines through a builder action that writes to a temporary file and uses the magic MSVC "link @file" argument syntax if the line is longer than 2K characters.

  • Fix F77 command-line options on Win32 (use /Fo instead of -o).

  • Use the same action to build from .c (lower case) and .C (upper case) files on case-insensitive systems like Win32.

  • Support building a PDF file directly from a TeX or LaTeX file using pdftex or pdflatex.

  • Add a -x option to to specify the script being tested. A -X option indicates it's an executable, not a script to feed to the Python interpreter.

  • Add a Split() function (identical to SCons.Util.argmunge()) for use in the next release, when Builders will no longer automatically split strings on white space.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Add the SConscriptChdir() method.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fix --debug=tree when used with directory targets.

  • Significant internal restructuring of Scanners and Taskmaster.

  • Added new --debug=dtree option.

  • Fixes for --profile option.

  • Performance improvement in construction variable substitution.

  • Implemented caching of content signatures, plus added --max-drift option to control caching.

  • Implemented caching of dependency signatures, enabled by new --implicit-cache option.

  • Added abspath construction variable modifier.

  • Added $SOURCE variable as a synonym for $SOURCES[0].

  • Write out .sconsign files on error or interrupt so intermediate build results are saved.

  • Change the -U option to -D. Make a new -U that builds just the targets from the local SConscript file.

  • Fixed use of sys.path so Python modules can be imported from the SConscript directory.

  • Fix for using Aliases with the -u, -U and -D options.

  • Fix so that Nodes can be passed to SConscript files.

From Moshe Zadka:

  • Changes for official Debian packaging.

RELEASE 0.06 - Thu, 28 Mar 2002 01:24:29 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Fix command generators to expand construction variables.

  • Make FunctionAction arguments be Nodes, not strings.

From Stephen Kennedy:

  • Performance: Use a dictionary, not a list, for a Node's parents.

From Steven Knight:

  • Add .zip files to the packages we build.

  • Man page: document LIBS, fix a typo, document ARGUMENTS.

  • Added RANLIB and RANLIBFLAGS construction variables. Only use them in ARCOM if there's a "ranlib" program on the system.

  • Add a configurable CFILESUFFIX for the Builder of .l and .y files into C files.

  • Add a CXXFile Builder that turns .ll and .yy files into .cc files (configurable via a CXXFILESUFFIX construction variable).

  • Use the POSIX-standard lex -t flag, not the GNU-specific -o flag. (Bug reported by Russell Christensen.)

  • Fixed an exception when CPPPATH or LIBPATH is a null string. (Bug reported by Richard Kiss.)

  • Add a --profile=FILE option to make profiling SCons easier.

  • Modify the new DVI builder to create .dvi files from LaTeX (.ltx and .latex) files.

  • Add support for Aliases (phony targets).

  • Add a WhereIs() method for searching for path names to executables.

  • Add PDF and PostScript document builders.

  • Add support for compiling Fortran programs from a variety of suffixes (a la GNU Make): .f, .F, .for, .FOR, .fpp and .FPP

  • Support a CPPFLAGS variable on all default commands that use the C preprocessor.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Add support for the -U option.

  • Allow CPPPATH, LIBPATH and LIBS to be specified as white-space separated strings.

  • Add a document builder to create .dvi files from TeX (.tex) files.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Fix: Construction variables with values of 0 were incorrectly interpolated as ''.

  • Support env['VAR'] to fetch construction variable values.

  • Man page: document Precious().

RELEASE 0.05 - Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:50:03 -0600

From Chad Austin:

  • Set PROGSUFFIX to .exe under Cygwin.

From Charles Crain:

  • Allow a library to specified as a command-line source file, not just in the LIBS construction variable.

  • Compensate for a bug in os.path.normpath() that returns '' for './' on WIN32.

  • More performance optimizations: cache #include lines from files, eliminate unnecessary calls.

  • If a prefix or suffix contains white space, treat the resulting concatenation as separate arguments.

  • Fix irregularities in the way we fetch DevStudio information from the Windows registry, and in our registry error handling.

From Steven Knight:

  • Flush stdout after print so it intermixes correctly with stderr when redirected.

  • Allow Scanners to return a list of strings, and document how to write your own Scanners.

  • Look up implicit (scanned) dependencies relative to the directory of file being scanned.

  • Make writing .sconsign files more robust by first trying to write to a temp file that gets renamed.

  • Create all of the directories for a list of targets before trying to build any of the targets.

  • WIN32 portability fixes in tests.

  • Allow the list of variables exported to an SConscript file to be a UserList, too.

  • Document the overlooked LIBPATH construction variable. (Bug reported by Eicke Godehardt.)

  • Fix so that Ignore() ignores indirect, implicit dependencies (included files), not just direct dependencies.

  • Put the man page in the Debian distribution.

  • Run HTML docs through tidy to clean up the HTML (for Konqueror).

  • Add preliminary support for Unicode strings.

  • Efficiency: don't scan dependencies more than once during the walk of a tree.

  • Fix the -c option so it doesn't stop removing targets if one doesn't already exist. (Bug reported by Paul Connell.)

  • Fix the --debug=pdb option when run on Windows NT. (Bug reported by Paul Connell.)

  • Add support for the -q option.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Add support for the -u option.

  • Add .cc and .hh file suffixes to the C Scanner.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Make the scons script return an error code on failures.

  • Add support for using code to generate a command to build a target.

RELEASE 0.04 - Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:09:42 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Significant performance improvements in the Node.FS and Scanner subsystems.

  • Fix signatures of binary files on Win32 systems.

  • Allow LIBS and LIBPATH to be strings, not just arrays.

  • Print a traceback if a Python-function builder throws an exception.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fix using a directory as a Default(), and allow Default() to support white space in file names for strings in arrays.

  • Man page updates: corrected some mistakes, documented various missing Environment methods, alphabetized the construction variables and other functions, defined begin and end macros for the example sections, regularized white space separation, fixed the use of Export() in the Multiple Variants example.

  • Function action fixes: None is now a successful return value. Exceptions are now reported. Document function actions.

  • Add 'Action' and 'Scanner' to the global keywords so SConscript files can use them too.

  • Removed the Wrapper class between Nodes and Walkers.

  • Add examples using Library, LIBS, and LIBPATH.

  • The C Scanner now always returns a sorted list of dependencies so order changes don't cause unnecessary rebuilds.

  • Strip $(-$) bracketed text from command lines. Use this to surround $_INCDIRS and $_LIBDIRS so we don't rebuild in response to changes to -I or -L options.

  • Add the Ignore() method to ignore dependencies.

  • Provide an error message when a nonexistent target is specified on the command line.

  • Remove targets before building them, and add an Environment Precious() method to override that.

  • Eliminate redundant calls to the same builder when the target is a list of targets: Add a ListBuilder class that wraps Builders to handle lists atomically. Extend the Task class to support building and updating multiple targets in a single Task. Simplify the interface between Task and Taskmaster.

  • Add a --debug=pdb option to re-run SCons under the Python debugger.

  • Only compute a build signature once for each node.

  • Changes to our sys.path[] manipulation to support installation into an arbitrary --prefix value.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Add var=value command-line arguments.

RELEASE 0.03 - Fri, 11 Jan 2002 01:09:30 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Performance improvements in the Node.FS and Sig.Calculator classes.

  • Add the InstallAs() method.

  • Execute commands through an external interpreter (sh, cmd.exe, or to handle redirection metacharacters.

  • Allow the user to supply a command handler.

From Steven Knight:

  • Search both /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib for scons directories by adding them both to sys.path, with whichever is in sys.prefix first.

  • Fix interpreting strings of multiple white-space separated file names as separate file names, allowing prefixes and suffixes to be appended to each individually.

  • Refactor to move CompositeBuilder initialization logic from the factory wrapper to the init() method, and allow a Builder to have both an action and a src_builder (or array of them).

  • Refactor to separate Node creation/lookup from initialization of the Node's builder information.

  • Add a CFile Builder object that supports turning lex (.l) and yacc (.y) files into .c files.

  • Document: variable interpretation attributes; how to propogate the user's environment variables to executed commands; how to build variants in multiple BuildDirs.

  • Collect String, Dict, and List type-checking in common utility routines so we can accept User{String,Dict,List}s all over.

  • Put the Action factory and classes into their own module.

  • Use one CPlusPlusAction in the Object Builder's action dictionary, instead of letting it create multiple identical instances.

  • Document the Install() and InstallAs() methods.

From Steve Leblanc:

  • Require that a Builder be given a name argument, supplying a useful error message when it isn't.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Add a "duplicate" keyword argument to BuildDir() that can be set to prevent linking/copying source files into build directories.

  • Add a "--debug=tree" option to print an ASCII dependency tree.

  • Fetch the location of the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler(s) from the Registry, instead of hard-coding the location.

  • Made Scanner objects take Nodes, not path names.

  • Have the C Scanner cache the #include file names instead of (re-) scanning the file each time it's called.

  • Created a separate class for parent "nodes" of file system roots, eliminating the need for separate is-parent-null checks everywhere.

  • Removed defined hash() and __cmp() methods from FS.Entry, in favor of Python's more efficient built-in identity comparisons.

RELEASE 0.02 - Sun, 23 Dec 2001 19:05:09 -0600

From Charles Crain:

  • Added the Install(), BuildDir(), and Export() methods.

  • Fix the -C option by delaying setting the top of the FS tree.

  • Avoid putting the directory path on the libraries in the LIBS construction variable.

  • Added a GetBuildPath() method to return the full path to the Node for a specified string.

  • Fixed variable substitution in CPPPATH and LIBPATH.

From Steven Knight:

  • Fixed the version comment in the scons.bat (the UNIX geek used

    instead of @rem).

  • Fix to so it doesn't require a sys.argv[1] argument.

  • Provide make-like warning message for "command not found" and similar errors.

  • Added an EXAMPLES section to the man page.

  • Make Default() targets properly relative to their SConscript file's subdirectory.

From Anthony Roach:

  • Documented CXXFLAGS, CXXCOM, and CPPPATH.

  • Fixed SCONS_LIB_DIR to work as documented.

  • Made Default() accept Nodes as arguments.

  • Changed Export() to make it easier to use.

  • Added the Import() and Return() methods.

RELEASE 0.01 - Thu Dec 13 19:25:23 CST 2001

A brief overview of important functionality available in release 0.01:

  • C and C++ compilation on POSIX and Windows NT.

  • Automatic scanning of C/C++ source files for #include dependencies.

  • Support for building libraries; setting construction variables allows creation of shared libraries.

  • Library and C preprocessor search paths.

  • File changes detected using MD5 signatures.

  • User-definable Builder objects for building files.

  • User-definable Scanner objects for scanning for dependencies.

  • Parallel build (-j) support.

  • Dependency cycles detected.

  • Linux packages available in RPM and Debian format.

  • Windows installer available.

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