MKS MKS Source Integrity

laofo · 2008年07月29日 · 10 次阅读

MKS Source Integrity is a software configuration management tool that provides enhanced capabilities to address strategic organizational needs such as project status, post-release maintenance and security. Teams can access a stable repository through a Java-based GUI, command line or IDE interface. The professional version of MKS Source Integrity includes Track Integrity, a bug tracking and problem request management system.

MKS Source Integrity 是一个软件配置管理工具,它具有满足组织战略上需求的强大能力,例如项目状态,发布之后的维护以及安全等待那嘎。项目组可以通过基于 Java 的 GUI,命令行或者 IDE 接口来访问稳定的版本库。专业版本的 MKS Source Integrity 包含了 Track Integriy,一个 bug 跟踪和问题请求管理系统。

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