Accurev Top 5 Reasons to Switch from ClearCase to AccuRev · 2010年04月26日 · 22 次阅读

[list=1][*] [b] Distributed development not supported in ClearCase [/b] Geographically distributed and outsourced application development using ClearCase MultiSite or ClearCase Remote Client is not economically or practically sustainable. When ClearCase was first deployed, you had fewer distributed users, and outsourced development probably wasn't even on your roadmap. Today, the costs, complications and compromises of managing remote teams with ClearCase are prohibitive and not necessary. [*] [b] Agile Development not supported in ClearCase [/b] ClearCase was not designed to support today's agile development methodologies, and your competitive edge relies more and more on shorter release cycles without compromising quality. To change your process to accommodate this business requirement with ClearCase, even more scripting is required, which can delay projects or even put them at risk. [*] [b] ClearCase has an unnecessarily high total cost of ownership[/b] including administrator to user ratios, hardware requirements, license fees, training, and annual support/maintenance costs. Much of this is due to the fact that ClearCase was architected in a different time to solve different problems. The RCS model of SCM architecture with a LAN-centric infrastructure is simply at the end of its functional life. [align=center][attach] 713[/attach] [/align] [*][b] ClearCase can be tool heavy for many projects[/b]. Departments have been pushing back on adopting ClearCase, even when it is the corporate standard, often because it is simply "too much" for their project, or too expensive to implement and support. It is common for open source tools to be considered because they can "fly under the radar", circumventing the usual approval and purchasing process. Teams should be evaluating tools to determine which ones can effectively meet the requirements, with the lowest TCO. [*][b] ClearCase turns out to be risky[/b] Because the risk to your business of relying on tools which are at the end of their functional lives is now greater than the risk of migrating to the next generation architecture. [/list] You understand that ClearCase is nearing or even at the end of its useful life within your organization, yet it is not easy to consider a migration at this time. You have a release due out soon, and then another one after that, so there is truly no good time to transition. In summary, while you believe things could be much better, you are getting by with ClearCase today. Even if a significantly better ClearCase replacement were available today, why should you consider beginning the inevitable migration now vs. in six months or even next year? Start Saving Now With AccuRev, you now have a compelling reason to invest in a new SCM solution, with no compromise to your development process, and a TCO that saves you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in the first year of use depending on the size of your team. Often it is best to start with a new project, or a new team. You can migrate off of ClearCase in stages, and make it work. Don't lose any more time or money, contact AccuRev today and learn how we have helped many companies get started.

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