DevTrack TechExcel DevSpec

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TechExcel DevSpec is anintegrated requirements management solution that is specificallydesigned to provide visibility, traceability and validation of yourproduct or project requirements. DevSpec provides a framework to createnew requirements, specifications and features that can be linked todevelopment and testing implementation projects. DevSpec'sknowledge-centric approach to requirements management ensures thatteams have access to the documents and other digital assets needed todesign and implement your project. DevSec provides youwith the tools needed to effectively define and manage yourrequirements to help ensure that your project meets your customer'sneeds and can be delivered on time and budget. Features [list][][b] Integrated requirements management:[/b] Create, manage, discuss and link project requirements and features.[*][b] Change control:[/b] Automatic requirement versioning whenever specified changes are madecombined with approval tracking and TechExcel’s robust workflow engine.[*][b] Digital asset management:[/b] Requirements, specification and another key digital assets are storedin a reliable, scalable and secure central data repository.[*][b] Integrated issue tracking and testing:[/b] DevSpec provides out of the box integrations with DevTrack and DevTestallowing project managers to view the complete development lifecyclefor all project requirements.[*][b] Voting and Options:[/b] Poll stake holders on requirement and feature value, risk or otheruser-defined criteria. Create "what if" scenarios for product featuresets and time estimates using DevSpec "Options".[*][b] Fully customizable user interface:[/b] DevSpec enables you to create the requirements and feature interfacesyou want with extensive customization options including user-definedfield labels, field types, drop-down menu options, master-detailrelationships, and custom reports.[*][b] Open lifecycle workflow:[/b] Define workflow rules for creation and management of requirements and features.[*][b] Built-in reports and analysis:[/b] Built-in presentation quality reports enable you to easily report onall requirement and feature data, change control and change impact aswell as implementation and testing data for requirements and features.[/list] Benefits [list][*] Define product or project requirements[] Track what requirements are not covered by a development work items or test cases[] Identify which features or functions in the design are not required internally or externally[] Control requirement changes and view the impact of the implementation of such changes[*] Provide lifecycle traceability and review requirement implementation and validation[/list]

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