DevTrack DevTest Studio - Run Tests, Track Bugs, Savor the Results

laofo · 2008年08月15日 · 42 次阅读

[size=12px][b] DevTest Studio - Run Tests, Track Bugs, Savor the Results[/b] Fromtest case creation, planning and execution through defect submissionand resolution, DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete qualitylifecycle. DevTest Studio combines the award winning test managementfeatures of DevTest, the market-leading defect tracking features ofDevTrack and TestLink for test automation into one specially priced,integrated solution.

DevTrac [list][] Track each issue through a definable workflow[] SCM integration – track fixes against their source code deliverables[] Deploy a resolution across multiple releases, versions and products[] Reporting and metrics to illustrate the entire defect lifecycle[/list]
DevTest [list][] Create a central repository for your test cases, knowledge items and automation scripts[] Schedule releases and test cycles using a wizard-driven interface[] Execute test assignments and submit defects from the same interface[] Track results with real-time dashboards and reports[/list] TestLink [list][] Add automated tests to the DevTest test library[] Schedule automated tests along with manual tests[] Launch automated tests from the DevTest interface[] Track automation results with real-time dashboards and reports[*] Out-of-box integration with Automated QA's TestComplete[/list]

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