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TechExcel DevPlan is an integrated project planning and management tool designed for [url=] Lifecycle Management[/url]. DevPlan's unique framework unites project tracking with issue and resource management through its integration with [url=] DevTrack[/url].This innovative combination provides managers a much clearer view ofthe planning process, allowing for greater insights to be derived fromproject data. DevPlan also incorporates configurable workflows,notifications, meeting requests, and process automation. DevPlan is theideal tool to meet the ever-changing complexities of modern projectmanagement. As the planning piece of knowledge-centricapplication lifecycle management, TechExcel DevPlan manages knowledgeitems such as design document and specifications at the planning leveland features event management for team meetings and presentations. Commonproject management features such as Gantt charts, resource scheduling,baseline comparisons, and reporting are just some of the manyindustry-compliance features that are available with DevPlan. Issuetracking-integration and knowledge management enables DevPlan toencompass the complete ALM process from concept through delivery. [list][][url=] Planning and Management[/url][*][url=] Scheduling[/url][*][url=] Scheduling and Allocation[/url][*][url=] and Knowledge Management[/url][*][url=] Reporting and Metrics[/url][/list] Features [list][*][b] Industry-Standards Compliance:[/b] support for industry-standard features minimize training time and make the most out of current investments.[list][*] Gantt charts[] Resource scheduling[] Event calendar[] Critical paths[] Baseline comparison[/list][*][b] Integrated Issue Tracking:[/b] DevPlan harnesses the power of [url=[/url,already] used by thousands of customers, to track project tasks. Byseparating the high-level planning from tactical execution functions,DevPlan allows for management to drive the project while being agile intheir response to issues.[*][b] Integrated Knowledge Base:[/b] Keep your data synchronized within a searchable knowledge framework.DevPlan leverages your intellectual assets, communicating a clearvision by linking specifications, requirements, designs, prototypes,and other documents to an area of the project. These documents are thencommunicated to all resources involved in the execution of the project.This allows for an uncompromised vision to direct the path of thedevelopment.[*][b] Promote teamwork and collaboration:[/b] Project managers, team members, and other stakeholders or partners canaccess the living project plan over an intranet, extranet, or theInternet. DevPlan is built on a secure web-services model.[*][b] Built-in reports and analysis:[/b] DevPlan's reporting engine serves as project planning command-center.Reports allow project management to quickly identify and mitigaterisks, before they have a chance to affect the project. The reportingalso features powerful historical analysis, enabling a company to learnfrom past projects.[/list] Benefits [list][*] Complete control from the conceptual design to design planning and management from one user interface[] Centralizedknowledge base to increase efficiency, mitigate data risk, andfacilitate collaboration by distributed development teams[] Intuitiveplanning hierarchy that builds the framework necessary to understandthe complete project scope for more effective resource allocation[] Ensures ultimate accountability for all phases of product design and development[/list]

Project Reporting and Metrics Overview

TechExcel DevPlan features a powerful reporting engine that serves as a project-planning command center. A central reporting interface, coupled with point-and-click customizable report options, allows project managers to quickly and accurately asses the value of an activity in relation to the bigger picture. The reports allow project managers to quickly identify problems and mitigate risks before they have a chance to affect the project.


* Standard Report Templates - The report engine features ten standard reports that span a variety of formats, each of which can be customized according to user preferences. Among the formats are included sub-project and summary reports, activity reports, and assignment reports. * Customizable Reports - Each of the standard report templates can be customized according to user preferences and can also be filtered by specifying desired time frames. * Intelligent Heuristics - The reporting tool features powerful historical analysis enabling a company to learn from past projects. * Third-Party Compatibility - Tabular data can be exported to Microsoft Excel with data that can be dynamically updated as the project execution progresses through its various stages.


* Keep track of key project information and statistics with a variety of different report types and layouts. * Standardize report layouts and user preferences to maximize resource efforts and overall efficiency. * Prepare project summary reports and documentation.

Common Activities

* Monitor project activities with sub-project and summary reports, activity reports, as well as assignment reports. * Customize reports for delivery to executives and project managers or distribution to other team members. * Create a standardization process for report layouts and user preferences in order to maximize project planning and management effectiveness.

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