DevTrack Document and Knowledge Management

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Overview Keepyour data synchronized within a searchable knowledge framework.TechExcel DevPlan leverages your intellectual assets withKnowledgeWise, communicating a clear vision by linking specifications,requirements, designs, prototypes, and other documents to an area ofthe project. These documents are then shared with all resourcesinvolved in the execution of the project allowing for an uncompromisedvision to direct the path of the development.

Features [list][][b] Centralized Information Storage[/b]- The KnowledgeWise engine enables distributed teams to stay updatedwith requirements, specifications, design documents, marketingbrochures, and any other files that are related to a specific activity.[*][b] Document Version Tracking[/b] -Advanced DevPlan functionality can track document versions usingintelligent algorithms that automatically detect differences between aserver-stored document and a local copy.[*][b] Increased Transparency[/b]- The DevPlan knowledge engine allows a manager to check-out a versionof a document from the repository, make changes, and then check-in andpublish those changes. This gives value to the project plan bysupporting sub-project duration and resource allocations withappropriate documentation.[/list] Benefits [list][*] Prevent lost or misplaced documents and files.[] Track document revisions and history logs.[] Improve self-service and training with well-organized and easily accessible information.[] Standardize documents, forms, and specifications with customizable document templates.[] Control document access privileges.[/list] Common Activities [list][*] Manage documentation: add, modify, delete, categorize, and index documents in the knowledge base.[] Enforce version and accesss control permissions for document actions at the project and user levels.[] Enable self-service by providing team members with help topics, release notes, and other documentation.[] Search knowledge base to perform full text and keyword searches ranked by relevancy.[*] Attach knowledge items to sub-projects or include them as email attachments to users.[/list]

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