DevTrack Event Scheduling

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TechExcelDevPlan provides a robust, event-based, calendaring system that allowsproject managers to organize meetings and presentations revolvingaround key deadlines and milestones. Integration with email tools givesthe project manager control over a powerful scheduling system that caninvite attendees based on their relationship to a sub-project therebyminimizing unnecessary meetings, eliminating downtime, and maximizingteam efficiency.

Benefits [list][] Create results-driven project timelines that are supported by key milestones, meetings, and events.[] Preserve team cohesion and maximize efficiency by scheduling events to keep all members updated.[] Send email notifications and automated messages as reminders for upcoming meetings and events.[] Share appropriate documents in preparation for meetings.[/list]
Common Activities [list][] Create event-based milestones for various activities within a project.[] Inform team members and group leaders of time-sensitive goals, meetings, and events.[] Schedule automated email notifications and escalations as reminders of upcoming events.[] Supportscheduled events with specifications, summary reports, and otherdocumentation to be shared with appropriate team members.[/list] Features [list][*][b] Invite Attendees[/b]- Event calendar and email notifications ensure that all necessaryproject members are updated with any key events and important projectmeetings.[*][b] Document Support [/b]-Attach documents, links, and other knowledge items to sub-projectmilestones; include documents as email attachments to other teammembers in preparation for key project events.[*][b] Event Search[/b] - Filter through the event calendar to perform full text and keyword searches ranked by relevancy or date.[*][b] Notifications and Reminders[/b]- A powerful set of notification rules allows users to ensure efficientcommunication throughout the project execution process. Define rulesbased on various fields including time, data field changes and projectescalations.[/list] [url=[/url]]

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