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[list] DevSuite is a platform for teams to implement their idealdevelopment process. By offering defect tracking, highly configurableworkflows, customizable GUIs, and end-to-end lifecycle management,DevSuite elegantly addresses the needs of modern organizations.Traditional silos are eliminated and high level methodologies can betransformed into day to day practices. [/list]
[list] From test case creation, planning and execution through defectsubmission and resolution, DevTest Studio tracks and manages thecomplete quality lifecycle. DevTest Studio combines the award winningtest management features of DevTest, the market-leading defect trackingfeatures of DevTrack and TestLink for test automation into onespecially priced, integrated solution. [/list]
[img]][ [list] TechExcel Service Suite enables organizations to begin their quest for holistic [b] IT Service Management[/b] at any point in their evolution. Your organization will benefit from aconfigurable workflow, centralized data repositories and aknowledge-based view of your support initiatives. [/list]
[img]][ [list] TechExcel Customer Suite allows you to refinesales, customer service and support processes to increase cross-teamcommunication and efficiency while reducing your overall costs. Combinesophisticated process automation, knowledgebase management, workflowand customer self-service to improve business processes that translateinto better customer relationships.


TechExcel unifies the enterprise by bridging the gap between product development and service / support. This end-to-end environment empowers companies to optimize the relationship between these important organizations without sacrificing autonomy or business processes and provides a collaborative environment that significantly saves time and resources. Application Lifecycle Management

TechExcel's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions enable enterprises to focus on their strategic goals of product design, project planning, development and testing by providing a collaborative and "knowledge-centric" environment.

Traditional approaches to ALM stipulate that every phase of software development - from product concept to strategy, planning to implementation, and finally to verification and delivery - rely on separate tools and processes. TechExcel DevSuite is built around the best-practices insight that knowledge is central to any product development initiative. By eliminating the silos of knowledge that exist between different teams and in different locales, DevSuite helps enterprises dramatically transform their development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of their end products. This strategy helps teams communicate better and reduce their cycle times, allowing the right products for the right markets to be developed in the shortest possible time.

Find out more about TechExcel ALM solutions here. Service and Support Management

TechExcel's Service and Support Management solutions provide enterprises with total visibility and actionable intelligence for all service desk, asset management and CRM business processes. The fully integrated service desk solutions support ITIL best practice methodologies and deliver improved financial performance, increased management functionality and organizational alignment.

As enterprises rely more heavily on the IT organization, reactive and stand-alone help desks are no longer sufficient to handle the growing demand and complexity of today's distributed businesses. As the IT organization finalizes its move from a cost center to an integral part of the infrastructure, service and support management functions must rely on a single version of truth to ensure that processes are optimized and that the entire business flourishes. TechExcel Service Suite unified the service desk, asset management and customer relationship management functions with a single configuration management database (CMDB) user interface and integrated workflow.

Find out more about TechExcel Service and Support Management solutions here.

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