DevTrack DevSuite Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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[b] Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)[/b] describes the discipline of delivering software as a repeating set ofrelated activities. These activities, often occurring in parallel, spanacross business units and roles. These related processes intersect andoverlap at critical points, requiring new tools that unite disparatesilos and focus the energy and effort of the entire organizationtowards a release. TechExcel DevSuite assists teams towards this goal. [img]][
Complete Integration, Complete Traceability, and Complete Visibility. [img]][ Turn process into practice Theheart of DevSuite lies in the ability to configure and enforce processcontrols. No one knows the ideal development process for a company’steams better than their own managers. This is a key concept withinDevSuite – the ability to configure a process must be easy to use,intuitive, and meaningful. By using graphical configuration tools in apoint and click environment, managers and leads can quickly and easycreate and change processes. These processes are then rolled out anenforced by the application – turning processes into daily practices.

[b] System requirements[/b] [list][][b] Client[/b][list][] Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows NT 4.0 or above[] Pentium PC with 256MB memory and 200MB free disk space[] Microsoft .NET framework 2.0[/list]
[][b] Server[/b][list][] Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 Server or above[] Pentium PC with 512MB memory and 500MB free disk space[] Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 and above[] Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0[/list]
[*][b] Supported Web Browsers[/b][list][
] Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above[] Netscape 6.0 and above[] FireFox 1.0 and above[/list]
[][b] Supported Databases[/b][list][] Microsoft SQL Server[] Oracle[] MySQL[*] Microsoft Access[/list]

DevSuite is a modular system. Each component can exist on its own as abest-of-breed tool. However, the applications can be seamlesslyintegrated in a variety of solutions. This integration provides newlevels of traceability. Teams can now see requirements that have noimplementation work, test functionality against a common set ofspecifications, embed designs with the information developers see fortheir work assignments, and report across a wide spectrum of projectdata. Remove the guesswork from day to day development with DevSuite. Discover how DevSuite can streamline Application LifecycleManagement. Explore the entire suite or a single module using the linksbelow.

TechExcel DevSuite Products [list][*][url=] TechExcel][ KnowledgeWise[/b][/url]- The functional system to easily and efficiently collect, organize andrefine informal ideas gathered from a wide variety of sources, such asinternal ideas, feature requests, customer feedback, marketingrequirements, and more into a centralized repository, as well as theunderlying knowledge engine that supports the entire suite of products.Through this common set of knowledge access points, product teams –from executive management through to delivery management – has thevisibility and access points appropriate for their environment androle. [*][url=] TechExcel][ DevSpec[/b][/url]- Good product ideas may or may not be implemented - these arestrategic decisions made by product managers by balancing priorities,resources, and schedules. The strategic process of compiling conceptualknowledge (ideas) into formalized feature specifications is managed byDevSpec. More than just the refinement of ideas this formal processresults in a commitment by the product management team to what featuresthey will deliver in a final product release. [*][url=] TechExcel][ DevPlan[/b][/url]- Manages the transformation of concepts into formal strategic plans.DevPlan offers an intuitive planning hierarchy to formalize scope andoptimize resource usage, team-based planning and calendaringcapabilities. These features enable complete control over all productdevelopment projects from design planning to implementation and enablesincreased team efficiency and collaboration. [*][url=] TechExcel][ DevTrack[/b][/url]- Building on the strategic vision, deliverables and milestones ofDevPlan, DevTrack manages the implementation process. DevTrack powerfuland flexible framework coordinates workflow, notification, escalation,routing, version control,[b] defect tracking[/b], activitytracking, QA testing, multi-release management and much more. Once anarea of development is ready for implementation, DevTrack ensures thatteams execute their tasks within the context of DevPlan's projectbreakdown structure. Designs and specifications are easily viewable bythe DevTrack user so that no work is performed without an approvedconcept driving it; managers can also quickly identify areas thatrequire design and schedule brainstorming sessions, or presentations ofcompleted designs, in order to refine their vision.[*][url=] TechExcel][ DevTest[/b][/url]- DevTest helps QA teams manage every aspect of their testing process,from team management to test planning and analysis. Teams can createand manage release and test cycles, plan and assign tasks, execute testcoverage, and submit product defects, all in a single application. Theproduct manages functional regression testing, performance testing, andusability testing; what's more, each test case template is linked to aspecific DevPlan feature so the test case owner has direct visibilityto all feature-related knowledge[/list]

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